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Japanese disaster will affect ANZ ICT supply chains

30 March, 2011

The earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan in recent weeks will cause disruptions to the Australian and New Zealand ICT markets and supply chains, according to IDC.

IPv4 exhaustion close due to Asia-Pacific's accelerated growth

07 February, 2011

Economic development across the Asia-Pacific region is causing unprecedented demand on a key, shared resource - Internet Protocol addresses.

Disruptive to productive technology predictions

06 January, 2011

From disruptive to productive: Unisys Predicts 2011 to be a year of practical application of cutting-edge technologies. With cost-consciousness the ‘new normal’, organisations will tap the cloud, consumerisation of IT, social and smart computing, appliances, and cybersecurity to make their mission-critical systems more productive, secure and efficient.

Historic year ahead for telecommunications

21 December, 2010

It's going to be a good year for telecommunication in 2011 with the NBN marching towards fruition predicts IDC.

Cloud computing, virtualisation and identity federation key issues

17 November, 2010

The Experts Conference survey predicts cloud computing, virtualisation and identity federation will be key issues for 2011.

Video comms market grows by 3.5%

02 November, 2010

Frost & Sullivan reports the video communications market reaches $52.6 million as government and professional services firms step up deployments.

Boom in wholesale telecoms market is in the cloud

05 October, 2010

Increasing demand for cloud-based services is driving a boom in the wholesale telecoms market, according to Ovum.

China set to take over India in outsourcing market

23 September, 2010

China’s outsourcing market may well soon be as strong as current leader India’s and could eventually overtake it, according to Ovum, but neither country can rest on its laurels. 

Broadband subscribers pass 500 million mark

22 September, 2010

Broadband has taken a significant step forward as the number of subscriber lines passed the 500 million mark in July 2010.

Businesses lack digital strategy

21 September, 2010

Businesses are not thinking strategically in the digital world. Despite Australian businesses continuing to take up new applications like social media marketing, very few have developed a digital business strategy to make the most of opportunities, according to findings from the Sensis e-business Report.

E-health gets budget boost

13 May, 2010

The e-health records project has been given a boost in the federal government Budget to the tune of $466.7 million over two years but what will this achieve and is it a sensible use of funds?

Tech companies amongst most regonised brands

28 April, 2010

The tech sector triumphs with Google, Microsoft, Apple and IBM scoring top marks in world's most valuable brands.

Opportunities for savvy IT companies abound

28 April, 2010

$37.5 billion of long-running IT contracts are set to expire in the next six months, providing opportunities for savvy IT providers.

IT industry set to benefit from global life science solution spending

22 March, 2010

The global life science industry is forecast to spend nearly $17 billion on commercial IT solutions this year (2010) as it seeks to address issues blighting the sector, according to independent technology analyst Ovum. This presents a massive opportunity for IT providers to move into a sector far behind other industries in the adoption of commercial IT solutions.

We’re waiting and waiting for a national e-health network

08 March, 2010 by

The Federal Government first announced its plans for an all-encompassing national e-health network midway through the naughties. Fast-forward to 2010 and Australia is still waiting. Andrew Collins takes a look at the e-health roadblocks and the consequences of a long development time.

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