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Renewable energy ramps up in Queensland

14 October, 2016

Renewable energy will be available on demand, with the establishment of a solar, wind and battery storage near Hughenden in North Queensland.

Home batteries to face off in ARENA-funded trial

18 August, 2016 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency is providing funding for ITP Renewables' Battery Trial, which will compare the real-time performance of home batteries from eight leading vendors.

Smart Cities Council launches in ANZ

18 July, 2016

The Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand launched today, part of a growing global network of smart cities organisations whose goal is to make cities more liveable, workable and sustainable.

Qld battery innovator forms US agreements

18 July, 2016

Nano-Nouvelle's 3D battery technology, which can boost lithium-ion capacity by 50%, will be trialled by two US companies.

Real estate leaders doubtful on smart buildings

15 June, 2016 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

While Australian commercial tenants and developers are enthusiastic about smart buildings, only 43% are prepared to invest in the technology, a survey shows.

Australia's two largest solar plants open in NSW

21 January, 2016 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

AGL Energy and First Solar have officially launched the two largest solar plants in the Southern Hemisphere, more than doubling Australia's large-scale solar capacity.

Aussie offices pledge support to recycle e-waste

08 December, 2015

Australian businesses have pledged support to recycle their old electronic waste (e-waste) for today's inaugural TechCollect 'Waste Not, Want Not' Day.

Australia behind the e-waste curve

16 February, 2015 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Australia lags behind some other developed markets when it comes to tackling and reducing electronic waste, and should implement new policies and strategies, a report argues.

Wireless chip may boost data farm energy efficiency

10 July, 2014 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

A design for a chip that uses wireless transmission to send data between cores could improve energy efficiency at data farms by up to 20%, while also improving processing speed.

Report explores ICT's sustainability impacts

03 June, 2014 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Dimension Data has published its debut annual sustainability report, detailing ways the company is helping itself and its clients be more environmentally responsible.

Making sure the cloud is clean and green

03 June, 2014

As cloud computing becomes the rule and not the exception, University of Sydney cloud computing experts say tighter international regulations on managing computer hardware waste are needed.

Resourcing the ICT industry

30 July, 2013 by Elizabeth Rudd, Director, FutureNous

The ICT industry has three areas of resource usage which currently provide opportunities for the industry to lessen its environmental impact: overall energy usage, electronic waste and rare earth metals. How these areas are managed impacts the industry’s future.

How green is my strategy?

17 July, 2013 by Anthony Caruana

Very few business decisions are now made without some consideration of the environmental impact. But decision makers are also sick of the ‘greenwash’ that is applied to almost every product and service. Is green a big issue or just more hype?

Slaying the green IT monster - gamification as the future of energy conservation

15 January, 2013 by Andrew Collins

With electricity prices reportedly set to rise faster than inflation in the long term, organisations are looking for new ways to encourage employees to cut down their electricity usage. Gamification - the application of game mechanics like levels and experience points to non-game contexts - may provide an answer to reducing end-user power consumption.

The data centre of the next decade

25 October, 2012 by Anthony Caruana

We are in the middle of the third great revolution of technology delivery. The ages of the mainframe and the PC are quite dead. Anthony Caruana looks to the future and ponders the question: what will your data centre look like in 2025?

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