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PUE gains validity as a data centre energy measurement

31 August, 2010 by Christian Bertolini*

The government has recently announced plans to green its ICT, including reducing the PUE of its data centres from 2.5 to 1.9 by July 2015. Christian Bertolini, Chief Technology Officer, APC by Schneider Electric, issues a response to the government’s green ICT plans and the validity of PUE.

HP rewards recycling of old technology

27 August, 2010

HP launches Replace, Recycle, Reward campaign for old technology.

CA (Pacific) ecoSoftware 2.0

02 July, 2010 by

The ecoSoftware 2.0 version of CA’s energy, carbon and sustainability management software is designed to help organisations reduce carbon emissions, manage natural resource consumption and cut energy costs.

Green IT partners combine for more accuracy

02 June, 2010

Connection Research and ComputersOff.ORG have announced a cooperative agreement to work together on green IT accreditation and market analysis.

CrimTrac opens green data centre

31 May, 2010

CrimTrac gets cleaner, greener way of securing law enforcement data within the Canberra Data Centre.

Raritan Dominion PX rack PDUs range

14 May, 2010 by

The Raritan Dominion PX range of rack power distribution units allows real-time remote power monitoring of current (amps), voltage, power (kVA, kW) and energy consumption (kWH) with ISO/IEC ±1% billing-grade accuracy.

Hewlett-Packard energy-efficient systems

12 May, 2010 by

Hewlett-Packard has announced a number of products to assist businesses to manage power costs, including the Compaq 8100 Elite Desktop PC series that features 89% energy-efficient power supplies, supports energy-saving technologies such as solid state drives (SSDs) and offers the company’s power-management solutions.

The crucial role of the data centre

01 April, 2010

The topic of sustainability or green IT remains a key focus for everyone in the industry this year. On the bright side, doing business is more accessible than ever before. Advances in technology have reduced transaction costs, created broader access to global markets and advanced technologies, and levelled the playing field among small businesses, large corporations, emerging economies and industrialised nations. IBM’s Mark Latchford tracks the positive changes in sustainable IT.

Cooling tough economic times

01 April, 2010

The global financial crisis is the focus of almost everyone’s attention. Its effect on the ICT sector remains uncertain; however, it has taken the impetus off ‘going green’. Server Racks Australia’s Simon Dunphy elaborates on ways to move forward in the server room and data centre in times of reduced budgets and the need for increased efficiencies while also going green.

Walk the talk

01 April, 2010

When ADC Krone talks the talk, it’s not just talking about quality and being environmentally responsible. It’s actually doing it and being able to demonstrate that it walks the talk, as Mike Hanahoe, director, Global Connectivity Solutions Asia-Pacific, explains.

Improving data centre efficiency

01 April, 2010

Clearly, improved electrical efficiency within the IT room - the ‘greening of the data center’ - is now a priority. APC’s Gordon Makryllos outlines why data centres are so energy inefficient and offers practical tips that they can use to become ‘green’.

Hyundai’s printing system makes eco-sense

25 February, 2010

Throughout its 20 years in the Australian automotive market, Hyundai has continued to evolve itself and its market offering to reflect the company name, a Korean translation for ‘modern era’. It is a company that reflects the spirit of innovation fostered and celebrated since its inception.

Why green is green

02 February, 2010 by Andrew Goodlace*

The business benefits of eco products can rival the environmental advantages. Here’s why - and what it means to product design teams.

IDC will report on green IT in Copenhagen

03 December, 2009

IDC sizes the potential reduction in greenhouse gases from focused use of information and communication technologies with the results to be announced prior to the United Nations' COP15 Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

The Green IT Readiness Index

27 October, 2009

Datacom remains an exception to the general rule when it comes to green IT.

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