How DaaS can revolutionise your business

Tuesday, 27 August, 2019

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud-based desktop solution offering an organisation of any size a number of advantages — from its cost effectiveness to its ability to support distributed workers while avoiding the upfront costs associated with a per-user local computer/server configuration (the traditional method).

Essentially DaaS provides a secure cloud-based desktop loaded with all of the organisation’s applications along with user security controlled access to the organisation’s centralised data, so all workers connected, regardless of their physical location, securely access and work from the same set of data, avoiding any version issues etc.

This desktop offering is typically operated from high-end compute nodes in clusters, allowing unparalleled performance for the users along with a uniform experience regardless of local computer specifications or the number of users connecting. It can even be used from some mobile devices.

The advantages of DaaS

The primary advantages of DaaS are: security, cost effectiveness, centralised data and data integrity, accessibility, scalability and support.

Security: DaaS typically resides behind industry standard, cloud-based firewalls with SSL encrypted gateway access for each user. Users access the system with an individual level of security assigned by an administrator. Thus, security is controlled at all times for all users from log-in to log-off, with no data being transferred to the local machines.

Cost effectiveness: As it is a scalable solution, DaaS provides a fixed IT expenditure, enabling the cost of the solution to scale up or down with the number of users required. DaaS works from basically any computer and even from very affordable thin terminals, removing the need for costly powerful local computer requirements.

There is also the added benefit of no longer requiring local compute power such as local servers, their support contracts and the unknown costs involved with their breakdowns and replacements. You never have to upgrade your server again.

Centralised data and data integrity: Data is key to any organisation, from the organisation’s intellectual property to the HR folder that should be restricted. The nature of DaaS means that the data is never actually delivered to the local machine being used to access the desktop, all data resides on the DaaS environment and restrictions can be put in place preventing anything leaving the environment via the DaaS connection.

There is also the ability to use local folder permissions to control users’ access to the centralised set of data. Furthermore, data integrity is achieved through regular backups being part of the service, with local and offsite backups being performed regularly behind the scenes.

Accessibility: The nature of DaaS as an online cloud-based solution lends itself well to 24/7 access. That is, basically anywhere with an Internet connection that will display the desktop will allow a user to work as per normal. Of course, being behind industry standard firewalls means accessible locations can be restricted or open depending on the requirements.

Scalability: DaaS is scalable. You could have 1 or 1000 users and the cost scales with the user numbers. The supplier adjusts the required servers and infrastructure behind the scenes to cater for the necessary compute power required for the number of users.

Support: Unlike the traditional model where support is per local PC or server, the DaaS solution means that support is performed at the top level. An update is an update for everyone without needing to update all PCs or servers.

The traditional setup vs DaaS

Traditional ICT set-ups include staff with individual PCs, laptops or tablets with various applications and data stored locally. As IT professionals, we all understand the disadvantage of this structure — it is costly, time-consuming and there is a high risk of data loss. DaaS reduces the cost of lost time and data by storing everything in a single, secure off-site location and back-ups at multiple locations. DaaS comes with the highest levels of security and reassurance that the server (your data) is backed-up nightly.

Schematic diagram showing the basics of a DaaS setup

Disadvantages of DaaS

The only real downside to a DaaS environment is the fact that a decent Internet connection is required for end users. Some sites don’t have reliable ADSL, cable or NBN, however almost all sites have decent 4G (or soon 5G) connections. These wireless options are sometimes much faster than the available wired connections and can also make for a great backup in case of line Internet failure.

Migration assistance

We understand you are busy and may or may not have the technical knowledge to install your applications on the DaaS environment. Let us help you. The staff at Promethium Cloud Solutions have years of experience in migrating systems of various businesses all with a fixed price so there are no hidden costs. Promethium is an Australian-owned and -operated DaaS provider.


“We have been using Promethium for a number of years now, they have been reliable and professional at all times. We have recently moved to their DaaS environment to do away with all of the mixture of Macs, PCs we had around the office. Implementing the Wyse terminals has simplified everything and they are a much more cost effective option than any machine we have used in the past. These terminals are up to 50% cheaper than machines being replaced yet run more efficiently.” — Business Manager, Advanced Aesthetics

Image credit: © L. Furrer

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