Reaping the benefits of cloud without being locked in

Aiven (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
By Troy Sellers, Staff Solutions Architect at Aiven, Asia Pacific
Thursday, 07 September, 2023

Reaping the benefits of cloud without being locked in

A recent analyst report by IDC found that public cloud adoption in the Asia Pacific region is expected to accelerate in pace and size during the next four years, driven by investments in a range of cloud services and functionality, including infrastructure and storage, platforms, applications and software.

Closer to home, public cloud spending in Australia is set to grow by 83% from A$12.2bn in 2022 to A$22.4bn in 2026. Meanwhile New Zealand public cloud spending is expected to almost double in size, growing from NZ$2.6bn in 2022 to NZ$5.1bn in 2026.1 Adding to this, 55% of workloads for Australian organisations will be hosted on public clouds by 20252 — a testament to the continued growth in cloud adoption among large organisations.

Organisations today see the cloud as a business disruptor imperative in helping them foster resilience, innovation, growth and scalability. While companies are increasingly driving incredible value from their cloud adoption projects managing cloud spend continues to be a major challenge, amplified further by the current economic climate. It’s therefore unsurprising then that many companies turn to discount programmes offered by major public cloud providers, in a bid to manage their cloud expenditure. While these discount plans can reduce the cost of cloud infrastructure, they come with a price — a multi-year commitment that imposes restrictions and the potential to lose flexibility in the control of their data. This is especially pertinent for companies in heavily regulated industries like healthcare or finance, as there can be strict requirements for their data to stay on infrastructure that they control.

Optimise your cloud spend with BYOC

At Aiven, we partner with our customers to help them optimise their cloud spend. Our Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) solution provides companies with an alternative by enabling them to take advantage of the discount plans while continuing to enjoy the benefits from Aiven. This flexibility enables cost savings and convenience all at once, allowing organisations to enjoy the Aiven service experience, while maintaining total ownership and control over their data. Organisations gain an advantage by being able to future-proof their data capabilities and move at speed, within the environments that they have already adopted, all on the cloud of their choice.

This is because Aiven’s BYOC solution enables a business to retain control over all its compute, storage and networking infrastructure services, and related costs. As a result, businesses fulfil their long-term financial commitment with their cloud infrastructure provider, while having the choice to benefit from the advantages and functionality of Aiven’s managed services. This allows them to realise the advantages of consolidation with a cloud provider while retaining the agility and vendor portability that fully managed open source technology from Aiven provides. In fact, Aiven’s BYOC users have been known to reduce their overall cloud spend for data services by an average of 30%.

BYOC with managed services for data compliance

While the need to remain with one public cloud provider may bring up concerns around costs and flexibility, the rise of a BYOC deployment option for Aiven managed services enables businesses to deploy robust and scalable data services directly onto their public cloud account.

This is more crucial given the common argument against public cloud is the issue of security, sovereignty and compliance. Regulations such as GDPR and data residency restrictions mandate many organisations to keep the data in the region they are operating in. In order to take advantage of the public cloud’s benefit and to comply with data residency regulations, BYOC offers a solution for companies to use open source services within their own cloud account in the public cloud and the region of their choice. With Aiven’s BYOC managed services, businesses can layer additional security or compliance controls that are specific to their region or industry — a critical component in today’s business environment of data sovereignty and privacy requirements.

Supermetrics harnesses cloud flexibility with Aiven’s BYOC solution

Supermetrics, a leading data analysis and tool company, is a prime example of how a business can realise cost savings and the power of cloud infrastructure, as well as flexibility of a multi-cloud infrastructure, through BYOC.

The company processes billions of queries on behalf of their customers and is responsible for transferring terabytes of data. Supermetrics turned to Aiven when faced with rapid growth and a pressing need to enhance their data management capabilities. Recognising the need for a robust, scalable, and self-manageable data infrastructure, Supermetrics made the decision to construct their own infrastructure utilising Aiven’s technology built on open source databases.

While Aiven doesn’t manage Supermetrics’ cloud infrastructure, it provides managed open source data services that Supermetrics runs in its own public cloud infrastructure. With Aiven’s BYOC solution, Supermetrics can move their databases around in different clouds of their choice across different regions while remaining industry compliant. This helps Supermetrics address data sovereignty issues and give its customers the opportunity to choose where their data is processed.

Unlock huge potential to stay ahead of the competition

In today’s multi-cloud environment, cloud solutions that enable any business to utilise multiple clouds and gain all the benefits and functionality of a multi-cloud infrastructure while ensuring compliance, security, and cost savings, are immensely valuable. These solutions are highly sought after.

Aiven’s BYOC empowers companies with the freedom, flexibility, and choice to fully control their data security and processes. Aiven simplifies the provisioning and management of services across organisations, providing round-the-clock monitoring and the assurance of a 99.99% uptime service level agreement (SLA), giving customers complete peace of mind.

Are you ready to unlock the competitive advantage that a Bring Your Own Cloud approach can deliver to your business? Click here for more information.

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