Does your CX have the 'IT' factor?

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By Lindsay Brown, VP and GM Asia Pacific, GoTo
Monday, 19 September, 2022

Does your CX have the 'IT' factor?

It wasn’t that long ago when landlines were the main communication and customer service channel, and businesses were only available during business hours. Today it’s all about 24/7 instant response and IT support via chatbots, AI, automation and emails.

An immediate response is simply expected whenever customers choose to connect. The problem with traditional phone systems is they cannot provide the levels of sophistication required in today’s customer-centric world, yet there are many businesses still utilising one, expecting to keep pace with the market, win new customers, and grow their business.

How does your business get the ‘IT’ factor?

For businesses to thrive and stand out amongst the competition, customers need to experience outstanding service in every single interaction. One of the most effective ways to do this is to invest in a bespoke customer service solution — one that provides flexibility, efficiency, simplicity, reliability, responsiveness. It should also be highly effective in not only making customers feel heard, informed and supported, but also helping employees truly enjoy their job.

In short, the ‘IT’ factor is the next generation of business communications software with cloud calling, meeting, messaging and contact centre augmented by IT support capabilities rolled into one application. It unleashes a whole new realm of possibilities in today’s world of instant communication because users (employees) can talk to customers on any internet-connected device, including smartphones, laptops and desktop computers via messaging, video, email, chatbot, etc. It also offers deeper analytics to help businesses make data-driven decisions that impact customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

Unlike legacy PBX systems based on hardware that are complicated and expensive to install and maintain, cloud-based unified C\communication and collaboration (UCC) systems use the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, which is typically more economical, easier to use and can be managed from anywhere. And in this world of remote, hybrid and flexible working models, it’s essential for business communication to be handled by employees from wherever they choose to work.

It needs to be flexible and simple to use

Undoubtedly the hybrid work model and the age of employee empowerment is here to stay. Global industry research conducted by Frost & Sullivan and commissioned by GoTo looked at the top trends for the future of work and found that to flourish in this world of remote working, IT infrastructure needs to be up to scratch, with antiquated software simply unfit to do the job effectively. Digital solutions that are fast to deploy and simple to use are crucial to a successful and productive remote workforce.

The small business and IT leaders who took part in the research reported lower operational costs (32%), a boost in customer satisfaction (29%) and improved organisational culture (77%) stemming from hybrid and remote work.

Businesses of today need a cloud communications solution which supports their adaptation to the new remote working environment, helps resolve their IT challenges fast and changes their game in customer engagement. It needs to consolidate phone, meetings, messaging and collaboration tools as well as integrate the contact centre solution into a single, easy-to-use and secure communications platform. By further integrating IT ticketing and helpdesk capabilities within this tool, employees can also resolve any issues and minimise disruptions without having to navigate outside the platform. In doing so, businesses will gain the IT factor.

Be set up for success with flexible, simplified, 24/7 tech solutions

In today’s digital-first workforce, customer service and IT teams need to have the right tools to communicate and resolve customer issues proactively, reactively, simply and securely. The aim is to find an integrated solution that helps businesses receive customer requests, triage problems and fix issues quickly and seamlessly, wherever work happens. A provider that continuously evolves and enhances their communications, collaboration and IT support solutions will simplify day-to-day operations for IT teams, remove end-user friction points and alleviate many of the headaches felt in this new flexible work world.

Improve employee satisfaction

The Y Whittlesea Victoria provides a range of programs and services in the local community focusing on the healthy living, empowerment and social impact of young people. With the organisation having more than 450 staff and numerous volunteers, the pandemic turned its operations upside down. The Y Whittlesea executive assistant Carolyn Kleiman said the organisation had been using physical handsets.

“Early in the COVID pandemic, our recreation and childcare centres shut down, so we had to quickly figure out whom we should divert our phone calls to and realised we needed to move to softphones.”

Kleiman says getting the GoTo Connect Phone, Meeting, and Messaging solution set up and customised was easy, and it only took her a couple of weeks to learn the admin side of things and set up the dial plan.

“GoTo gives our employees the flexibility to move about, making them happier and more satisfied with their jobs. With much of our staff still working from home, having GoTo has most definitely increased our productivity,” she said.

Improve your customer experience

Family-owned computer retailer Umart, which has three major distribution centres and 10 retail locations across Australia, also had a significant phone transformation. Umart’s head of customer service Evan Casey said the company’s previous phone solution was very basic.

“I had no control, so if I wanted to make very simple changes, it felt like I had to go and ask mum and dad for permission. And because I had to rely on someone else to make changes for me, there were times that my change requests would be misinterpreted or just ignored, especially on public holidays, as our vendor wasn’t there to support us. They would even leave our phone lines open despite us not having anyone available to answer calls.”

Casey discovered GoTo, a more affordable option than Umart’s previous solution whilst providing far greater features. Since implementing GoTo’s Phone, Meeting, and Messaging and Contact Centre solutions, Umart has seen significant increases in important metrics, including the company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS), which increased by 20 points over the last year.

Utilise the tax incentives today

In the Australian Government’s Budget this year, one billion dollars has been allocated for small businesses under the Technology Investment Boost to digitalise their operations through a new bonus tax deduction, so now is the time to invest.

Additionally, in the Technology Investment Boost, small to medium enterprises can earn a $120 tax deduction for every $100 they pour into business digitalisation in areas like flexible work technology, cloud adoption and cybersecurity.

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