Powering the future of learning

Monday, 16 November, 2020 | Supplied by: Juniper Networks Australia

Powering the future of learning

Located in one of Melbourne’s fastest-growing suburbs, Alamanda College has experienced exponential growth since it was founded in 2013 with over 250 teaching staff educating more than 3000 students across the Australian K–9[1] school system from preparatory school to Year 9. With the significant ongoing growth in enrolment, campus size has had to scale accordingly with new classrooms being added almost yearly.

To keep pace with the increasing networking demands of a rapidly growing campus, Alamanda College made the decision to move all of its infrastructure and data to the cloud. With over 5000 devices now connecting to the campus network daily, a major priority was the upgrade of its wireless network to ensure seamless and high-performance connectivity for users in every part of the school.

As students and staff returned to campus as pandemic restrictions loosened, it was crucial for the college to introduce proximity tracing measures to safeguard the overall health and safety of everyone on campus.

Alamanda College has selected Juniper Network’s wired and wireless solutions driven by Mist AI to transform the networking experience across its campus.

With a network now powered by AI and automation, Alamanda College is able to create a better teaching and learning experience for staff and students, as well as lower the cost of networking deployment and operations through proactive AIOps, predictive recommendations and a Self-Driving Network.

With the continued provision of safe and secure education despite the ongoing pandemic remaining a key priority of the Victorian state government, Alamanda College identified the need to swiftly transition towards a robust and reliable network that was easy to roll out and maintain.

Juniper’s wired and wireless solutions driven by Mist AI fulfilled these criteria and were selected by Alamanda College to build out a network that leverages automation and insights to lower IT costs while maximising the end-user experience. With the AI-driven network, students and teachers can now enjoy better digital learning experiences with reliable connections to online learning tools, video and the internet.

Solution specifics

  • Juniper’s AI-driven solutions help meet the growing networking infrastructure needs of Alamanda College through the ability to automatically detect indications of system failure while providing a high-quality and reliable wireless environment.
  • Juniper’s Wireless Access Points driven by Mist AI have been deployed in conjunction with the Wi-Fi Assurance cloud service. A phone and campus map were all that was needed to enable the seamless installation of the new Wi-Fi on campus and get the network up and running.
  • Juniper Networks EX4300 switches have been deployed and enhanced with Wired Assurance to provide for streamlined AI-driven operations, automation and visibility. The IT team has leveraged this to detect misconfigured VLANs, bad cables and DHCP timeouts and proactively resolve issues.
  • Marvis, the first AI-driven Virtual Network Assistant, has simplified everyday troubleshooting and network performance for the IT team, thus streamlining and boosting user experiences across the entire campus.
  • Alamanda College is exploring future opportunities to include proximity tracing using Juniper’s patented virtual Bluetooth LE technology for high-accuracy location, coupled with premium analytics services.

According to Tony Pace, Specialist Technician eduSTAR.TSS, Information Management and Technology Division at Alamanda College, the Juniper solution has laid a solid foundation.

“Juniper’s AI-driven solutions have been the perfect fit for our campus environment, enabling us to power a modern learning environment. With Juniper’s AI-driven network, we have had zero wireless issues and we are able to identify and solve problems that we were not able to detect before. We are confident that Juniper has laid a strong foundation to pave the way for the future of learning at Alamanda College and we are excited to see how we can leverage the AI-driven automation and insight they offer to improve the end-user experience and create better digital learning experiences for Australia’s next generation of leaders,” Pace said.

Juniper has helped Alamanda College realise its AI-driven enterprise vision and play a role in shaping the future of its students. With the AI-driven network, students can now enjoy improved networking performance and reliability, while receiving an exceptional educational experience.

[1] Source: https://www.study.vic.gov.au/en/study-in-victoria/victoria's-school-system/Pages/default.aspx

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