Revolutionising learning: The impact of AI-driven networking in higher education

Juniper Networks Australia
By Jim Burke – Senior Director, Enterprise & Government, Australia, Juniper Networks
Tuesday, 01 August, 2023

Revolutionising learning: The impact of AI-driven networking in higher education

Schools and college networks are facing immense pressure to meet the ever-increasing demand for digital services. Students equipped with multiple mobile and connected devices, expect seamless connectivity and access to a wide range of apps and services throughout their academic journey. This proliferation of devices and apps is straining campus’ IT infrastructure, increasing the need for a robust and reliable network infrastructure.

Navigating the Strain on Campus Networks

There is no room for network downtime in today’s highly connected world. Students, staff and parents expect services to be constantly accessible, regardless of the time of day. Moreover, whether on campus or engaged in online learning, students expect seamless connectivity, collaboration with teachers and peers, and secure access to online resources. The transformation of educational networks is crucial at every stage of learning. Any negative user experiences can quickly spread through social media, potentially damaging an institution’s reputation.

However, campus networks are on an unsustainable trajectory. Traditional network evolution often involves adding layers of complexity to meet increasing demands. This puts a strain on networks and IT teams, requiring more resources and time to manage and maintain the network. This is unsustainable, and a change is necessary.

The Power of AI-Driven Networking: Automation and Intelligent Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data science can offer a solution. Juniper Networks, driven by Mist AI™, uses an AI-driven network solution that leverages AI technology to automate repetitive tasks, reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR), mitigate human errors, and lower operational costs.

But automation goes beyond routine tasks. The AI-Driven education solution provided by Juniper Networks is intelligent and encompasses a comprehensive suite of features. The solution delivers superior experiences across various domains, simplifies networks using AIOps, and offers a robust portfolio of cloud-ready switches, APs, and SDWAN edge devices.

This Self-Driving Network is designed to minimise disruptions in class by using proactive troubleshooting and issue resolution. The network provides a predictable, reliable, and measurable network experience by automating the identification and resolution of problems in real-time. If a user experiences subpar network performance, Juniper’s AI-driven Marvis Virtual Network Assistant immediately identifies the underlying cause, automates the resolution, and offers detailed data for troubleshooting, if necessary.

Real-world case studies from Australia demonstrate the efficiency of Juniper’s AI-driven network solutions in the primary and secondary education sector. For example, Online Education Services recently deployed Juniper Networks as its digital platform, allowing it to create more engaging learning experiences for both domestic and international students. Additionally, Alamanda College, a government school based in Melbourne, partnered with Juniper Networks to help it meet the growing demands of its digital learning offerings. Its networks now support more than 5,000 devices being used every day.

Driving Efficiency and Innovation: Reducing Costs and Empowering IT Teams

By reducing the cost of operation and automating mundane tasks, schools and colleges can redeploy valuable resources to more innovative projects that enhance the student experience. The AI-driven network allows IT teams to focus on delivering new services, such as location-based services, enhanced campus safety, and security. Deploying an AI-driven network also enables schools and colleges to deliver more robust and reliable network services, which play a crucial role in positive peer reviews and student satisfaction.

The future of network infrastructure lies in simplification, reduced costs, and the delivery of exceptional user experiences through automation, AI, and data science. It’s time for schools and colleges to embrace this transformative journey and set a new course for their networks.

To learn more about how Juniper Networks can transform the campus network experience, read more here.

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