Interview: Helen Masters, Infor ASEAN and Pacific

Infor Global Solutions (ANZ) Pty Ltd

By Jonathan Nally
Friday, 08 December, 2017

Interview: Helen Masters, Infor ASEAN and Pacific

Which technologies or innovations do you think will be game changers in 2018?

Next year we expect to see blockchain really come into its own. Organisations tend to build closed data silos and information-management protocols that protect the information by restricting access. Blockchain has the potential to remove the risk of unauthorised changes to data and thereby enable multiple departments and organisations to access records simultaneously. We are interested in blockchain as we explore new product offerings, and believe that identity management will play an important role in any new applications that Infor develops.

How are AI, robotics and cyber threats changing your industry sector? What are your customers telling/asking you about them?

Our customers’ businesses are focused on client engagement as their primary metric for measuring success. AI and automation will have tremendous impact on businesses unless it is poorly adopted and prevents direct engagement from happening. Replacing human effort with machine learning makes sense, as individuals can engage through appropriate channels and are not trapped in automated customer service methods. Industry-specific software solutions built to simplify the process of managing the business, and addressing customers’ concerns quickly, will improve planning and reporting, and maximise both revenue and capital investments.

Which ICT innovations or disruptions are your customers most concerned about in the year ahead?

We are seeing a shift towards cloud-based services across all industries. Cloud platforms enable the delivery of seamless systems across departments while eliminating information silos. The increased digital adoption by business functions delivers efficient services for Australians. Secondly, by shifting towards cloud services, organisations can focus on service delivery while technical partners oversee the complexity of systems management. We believe in providing a tailored user experience and deliver social business capabilities that empower organisations to communicate and collaborate efficiently. Working with industry-specific technology teams, we develop the most appropriate application of technology to meet the needs of the department.

What will be the biggest growth opportunities for your company and your customers in 2018?

Australian organisations across a multitude of industries are increasingly looking for multichannel client engagement supported by an efficient, optimised backend. We use machine intelligence, networked analytics and robust interoperability to prevent the backend functions from being overwhelmed, while facilitating the delivery of consistent engagements across all points of contact. An integrated, multichannel client engagement approach cuts the time and cost of individual engagements while providing a single, clear service to all.

Helen Masters is responsible for Infor’s business development and promotion of global corporate products and seamless customer experience to augment market presence in the Pacific and ASEAN regions. She maintains new product lines with a focus on customer and partnership management and strategy setting to grow business in Infor’s key micro-verticals in the South Asia region.

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