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Cloud, biometrics to change airport experience

29 May, 2014

Report identifies case for cloud technology in common use systems for airports of the future, while nearly 80% of Australians support the use of biometric security to verify passenger identities.

A practical path to unified identity across data centre, cloud and mobile

15 January, 2014

This white paper looks at a group of unified identity services that could help leverage your existing Active Directory skill sets and processes while enabling productivity and secure access for a dynamic mobile workforce.  

Office 365 Single Sign-On: high availability without high complexity

15 January, 2014

This paper explains why Single Sign-On between your on-premise network and O365 is so important and why implementation is surprisingly difficult to achieve using the accessory tools provided. It also looks at a service to leverage your pre-existing infrastructure. 

Enforcing enterprise-out security for cloud servers

15 January, 2014

This white paper looks at an enterprise-out security enforcement approach to expanding cloud compute capacity while still maintaining a secure environment. Download now to read more. 

CSA, BSI launch cloud security cert program

03 October, 2013 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and Australia's BSI have developed a security certification program for cloud service providers.

Snowden, privacy and cloud services

03 October, 2013 by Puneet Kukreja

A program like PRISM will have limited impact on organisations looking to onboard cloud services hosted in the US, Australia or Europe, according to Puneet Kukreja.

Staying secure in a cloudy world

30 September, 2013

Cloud computing is changing the way businesses deliver IT services to users. It not only provides cost savings and operational efficiencies, it also increases security concerns and compliance challenges. This paper reviews three steps to help maintain control when moving to the cloud. 

Identity and access management in the cloud era

10 September, 2013

Leveraging the cloud to bring cost-effectiveness and efficiency to a company must always be coupled with advanced security measures. The explosion of mobile devices, fragmented network access and multiple operating systems makes identity management a big challenge.
This paper looks at a new range of products. 

Backup for SMBs

08 August, 2013 by Anthony Caruana

What would happen to your business if you lost access to critical customer data like orders and invoices? What about that important proposal you’ve been working on for the last three days? How long could your business survive in such a situation?

Dirty disks raise new questions about cloud security

26 April, 2012

Research by Context Information Security has identified potentially significant flaws in the implementation of cloud infrastructure services offered by some providers which could be putting their clients’ data at risk. By exploiting the vulnerability, which revolves around data separation, Context consultants were able to gain access to data left on other service users’ ‘dirty disks’, including fragments of customer databases and elements of system information that could, in combination with other data, allow an attacker to take control of other hosted servers.

McAfee Management for Optimised Virtual Environments (MOVE) AV agentless antivirus

12 April, 2012

The McAfee Management for Optimised Virtual Environments AV (antivirus) solution is now available in an agentless deployment option.

Is Hyper-V secure enough for the enterprise?

03 August, 2009 by Todd R. Weiss

VMware is actively raising doubts about the security of Microsoft's Hyper-V. Is there any truth to the claims?

Pay heed to security when going virtual

09 July, 2009 by Ron Condon

Organisations are leaping head first into virtualisation, given the technology's purported benefits.  But those that do it without considering security are taking wild risks.

Tracking down your virtual machines

09 July, 2009 by David Mortman

Before you can secure your virtual environments, you must be able track down your machines.

Sourcefire has plans for virtual security

06 July, 2009 by Ron Condon

The company behind the intrusion prevention tool, Snort, will soon launch a virtualisation security product.

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