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Tiered storage system

02 June, 2009

The EMC Virtual Matrix architecture integrates industry-standard components with EMC Symmetrix capabilities to deliver a system that is claimed to provide scalability to hundreds of thousands of terabytes of storage and tens of millions of IOPS (input/output per second), supporting hundreds of thousands of VMware and other virtual machines in a single federated storage infrastructure.

The role of storage blades in virtual environments

25 May, 2009 by Jeff Boles

Jeff Boles, analyst at Taneja Group, explains how storage blades fit into today's data centres in this interview.

Virtualisation demands new provisioning plans

13 May, 2009 by Staff writers

New provisioning plans are now required, thanks to the influx of virtualisation and the growth of storage demands.

Windows Storage Server 2008 includes virtual improvements

11 May, 2009 by Beth Pariseau

Microsoft's new Storage Server 2008 includes a number of improvements, not the least of which is better virtualisation features.

How to buy storage for virtualisation

08 May, 2009 by Eric Seibert

There are several things to keep in mind when buying storage to go with your virtual environments. This guide explains.

Guidelines for virtualising storage infrastructure

07 May, 2009 by Jerome M. Wendt

These four tips explain how to virtualise your storage infrastructure in the best possible way.

In EMC's RapidIO, "everything is virtualised"

23 April, 2009 by Richard Chirgwin

We explain EMC's RapidIO, a bus standard that the company says will be responsible for carrying data in its new storage arrays.

The impact of virtualisation on storage and backup

23 March, 2009 by Andrew McCreath

Glasshouse Technologies' Andrew McCreath explains how server virtualisation changes how you must approach backup and storage design.

Five assumptions about storage virtualisation - and why they're wrong

18 March, 2009 by Simon Elisha

There are some myths surrounding storage virtualisation that are thrown around quite often. Simon Elisha from Hitachi sets the record straight.

Celerra gets de-dupe, virtualisation plugins

23 February, 2009 by Simon Sharwood

A product refresh means EMC's latest batch of Celerra models will include deduplication and VMware plugins.

Big storage techs in 2009

07 January, 2009 by Deni Connor

The big storage technologies in 2009 will be VTLs, deduplication, virtualisation, SATA and encryption.

DataCore's iSCSI bundle now aimed at virtualisation-curious shops

07 January, 2009 by Beth Pariseau

In an affort to attract SMBs curious about virtualisation, DataCore has cut the price and capacity of its iSCSI SAN offerings.

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