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Is your ‘cloud’ delivering the expected performance?

07 March, 2011

Cloud services are all the rage now and becoming increasingly so, but how do you actually measure performance? Daryl Cornelius, Director Enterprise EMEA, Spirent Communications, asks: How do you know until you test it? What are the complexities of measuring virtual systems?

IPscape appoints two senior executives

01 March, 2011

IPscape appoints two senior executives: Emma Dart and Steve Roknic.

New study points to future interest in hybrid clouds

25 February, 2011

A new study suggests that as the majority of Australian organisations already use or are actively planning to use cloud computing, there will be a development to hybrid clouds in the future.

Concerns over rapid adoption of virtualisation

25 February, 2011

Acronis warns small-sized businesses about the concerns associated with the rapid adoption of virtualisation.

NetSuite expands to Melbourne

25 February, 2011

NetSuite has announced the opening of a new office in Melbourne to provide sales, support and services to meet the growing demand for NetSuite's cloud solutions.

Telecom infrastructure resilient in earthquake aftermath

23 February, 2011

Telecom is endeavouring to maintain operations in earthquake-hit Christchurch; however, many challenges remain.

New apps to provide NSW Government information

21 February, 2011

Software developers will have the opportunity to turn NSW Government information into apps for community use.

EMC announces RSA Cloud Trust Authority

17 February, 2011

EMC has announced the RSA Cloud Trust Authority, a set of cloud-based services aimed at creating stronger relationships between organisations and cloud service providers.

Simplifying the virtual data centre

08 February, 2011 by Graham Schultz*

Virtualisation technology is a growing trend that is supporting a shift in business priorities which requires data centres to deploy new applications quickly and efficiently, provide fast and reliable ‘round-the-clock’ access to information, meet or exceed stringent service levels with zero downtime, and all be done while driving down costs by maximising investments. Graham Schultz builds the business case for virtualisation of the data centre and the importance of the data centre network.

Virtualisation has a winning impact

07 February, 2011

With a long career in IT spanning years at vendors such as Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and Tandem as well as working at the helm of IT operations for large corporations such as Corning, Ziad Sukkar*, CIO of SIRVA in Asia-Pacific, is most excited about virtualisation technology.

Cloud computing keeps IT on its toes

10 January, 2011

Ovum tracks cloud computing and has made predictions of take up for 2011 in its latest report. enterprise database for cloud

20 December, 2010

The industry shift to mobile apps, to a social data model and to an event-driven, push model all require a new kind of cloud database to support the next generation of enterprise apps. The enterprise database, built for the cloud, will free developers to spend their time building applications instead of managing and maintaining database management systems and hardware.

Interactive ‘virtual’ and ‘dedicated’ cloud servers

02 December, 2010

With the trend towards hosting IT applications in the ‘cloud’, Interactive has introduced two system options. Its ‘virtual’ and ‘dedicated’ cloud servers with enterprise-level technical specifications and redundancy use the latest equipment in a high-availability N+1 data centre environment. The company provides a 100% communications availability guarantee by using multiple communications providers, each with fully redundant diverse paths and exchanges. The services are provided with a comprehensive penalty agreement.

Cisco Desktop Virtualisation Solution with Citrix XenDesktop

25 November, 2010

The Cisco Desktop Virtualisation Solution with Citrix XenDesktop combines Cisco unified computing and Citrix desktop virtualisation technologies including FlexCast and HDX for hosting, securing and optimising the delivery of virtual desktops and applications.

Cloud computing reduces energy use by 30%

24 November, 2010

A Microsoft study finds cloud computing saves energy for users.

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