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Improve the efficiency of your data centre cooling system

30 July, 2015

The effectiveness of a data centre cooling system can be greatly improved with an air containment strategy. Containment solutions increase system reliability, rack power density and cooling capacity, and promote significant energy savings.

Ten cooling solutions to support high-density server deployment

13 February, 2014

This paper provides 10 approaches for increasing cooling efficiency, cooling capacity and power density in existing data centres. Download now to read more.

Containerised power and cooling modules for data centres

13 February, 2014

This paper compares standardised data centre facilities to traditional data centres and provides a cost and advantages overview to help identify which environment may be best for your organisation.

Rittal air/water heat exchangers featuring eco mode controls

27 February, 2012

Rittal has added Intelligent Eco Mode controls to its air/water heat exchangers for increased energy efficiency. The Comfort units have cooling outputs of 500 to 5000 W and turn the fan off or on as needed, depending on the temperature in the enclosure. The company has also made improvements to assembly and water connections.

Best practices for keeping your data centre cool this summer

01 November, 2010 by John Jakovcevic*

Data centres need a constant environment to operate efficiently. The right room design and the air-conditioning equipment will go a long way towards achieving this. There are also a number of best practices that can be applied in any data centre that will help to keep the equipment cool this summer. Eight of these practices are included in this article.

APC by Schneider Electric InRow OA and RDU cooling system

02 September, 2010 by

The InRow OA and refrigerant distribution unit (RDU) pumped refrigerant cooling system provides an overhead, energy-efficient, refrigerant-based cooling solution for medium to large data centre environments.

A cool solution for a hot problem

01 April, 2010

Global electricity prices have jumped more than 50% in the past five years, right along with a dramatic upswing in data centre energy consumption. Whether the motivation is reducing costs, minimising carbon footprint, or both, many Australian organisations are committed to finding solutions that help improve data centre efficiency. Emerson Network Power’s David Scott uncovers one solution guaranteed to lower your high-density energy bills.

Hot aisle containment ensures availability of services

17 August, 2009

Queensland internet solutions provider ECN Internet had experienced rapid growth over the past 12 months and needed to build a new data centre to make sure it could deliver its services.

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