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Australian BI spending hit $527m in 2013

01 May, 2014 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Australia's business intelligence and analytics market increased 9.5% in 2013, outpacing the global growth rate of 8%, according to Gartner.

Tech tips to drive business growth and outpace your competitors

31 March, 2014

Two of the main obstacles to business growth are administrative and process
inefficiencies. This white paper outlines some simple technology tips to help
optimise your workplace and workflow systems to deliver strong growth where
it counts – on the bottom line.  

The changing face of business intelligence

26 February, 2014 by Stephen Withers

As business intelligence tools are becoming more popular, vendors are offering them in different forms, on different devices and through different models.

The future of 'pervasive BI'

28 January, 2014 by Dr Rado Kotorov*

Many business intelligence (BI) tools present a 'one-size-fits-all' solution. But the BI tools of the future might look quite different.

Eight ways to generate new revenue with business intelligence and analytics

17 January, 2014

This paper looks at turning the buzz of predictive analytics, social, mobile and other new growth strategies into revenue using eight important technologies. Download now. 

Improving our future decisions

05 December, 2013 by Elizabeth Rudd, Director, FutureNous

There are four cognitive biases highly relevant to future decisions: confirmation bias, status-quo bias, projection bias and the current-moment bias. Learning about our own cognitive biases can help make better long-term decisions.

Data quality platform targets and acquires new business

18 September, 2013

Leading publisher uses data quality platform to target and acquire customers effectively and fragment its audience sets.
This success story is based on trusted, accurate views of subscribers across all titles and channels of Conde Nast. Download to read more. 

Seven ways to deliver a superior customer experience now

30 August, 2013

The pitfalls of poor customer service go beyond the financial impact. In the age of social media, organisations have their reputations to consider.

How to execute better decision-making

31 July, 2013 by Glen Rabie, Yellowfin CEO and Co-Founder

Why do we hold meetings, jump on the phone or partake in impromptu hallway discussions when attempting to make a decision? Diverse opinions, backgrounds and expertise mean that we all approach the same question from different perspectives, sharing varied knowledge and experiences. It’s that multiplicity of input that helps us arrive at the best decision possible.

Providing staff with self-service business intelligence

30 July, 2013

Cosmetics Cubed, a company in the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) beauty industry, has implemented a business intelligence solution on a Debian Linux virtual machine. Staff can now conduct self-service data analysis.

Futureproofing your IM investment

24 July, 2013 by Conrad Bates, Managing Partner, C3 Business Solutions

Information management (IM) and business intelligence (BI) projects are continuing to grow in popularity, with more organisations planning to make the most of the data they hold to give them a competitive edge.

Is better BI going to save your business?

26 June, 2013 by Anthony Caruana

Business intelligence systems and analytics have leapt forward in recent years. Gone are the days of retrospective reporting and data warehouses that were updated each day. We are now in the era of using data to make real-time decisions with live data from many sources.

Especially for startups: CeBIT StartUp 2013

14 May, 2013

CeBIT StartUp 2013 is a dedicated three-day event for Australia’s vibrant and growing startup ecosystem.

Ten effective habits of indispensable IT departments

04 April, 2013

It's no secret that responsibilities are growing while budgets continue to shrink. Enact these ten IT habits throughout your IT organisation to help you cut costs, create operational efficiencies and align IT to business goals.

Top ten IT systems management pain points

04 April, 2013

Managing the IT infrastructure for a mid-sized company is a thankless job. People don't always understand the expertise, time and patience required. This white paper presents the top ten IT management pain points and a possible solution for making your life easier.

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