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Ceding control to attackers — without knowing it

10 August, 2016 by Vincent Goh, Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific, CyberArk

IT security strategies are not complete unless they protect access to administrator credentials and improve domain controller security.

Privileged credentials — keys to the IT kingdom

24 March, 2016 by Sam Ghebranious, ANZ Regional Director, CyberArk

In the battle to protect sensitive data, organisations often overlook protection of their privileged SSH keys, thus leaving a gaping hole in their defences.

App stores open the door to security vulnerabilities

21 January, 2016 by Chris Williams*

The current app store situation is a vector for malware to be accidentally loaded onto a user's device and then gain access to the corporate network.

Advance your SSO strategy to meet changing business needs

06 October, 2015

Single sign-on (SSO) has long been the go-to technology to ensure convenient password synchronisation, replay and security. The move towards more web-based access methods, however, makes it difficult for yesterday's SSO solution to meet today's evolving application requirements.

ACSC publishes secure administration guide

01 October, 2015 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has produced a guide designed to help organisations protect against the compromise and abuse of privileged accounts.

Fortinet FortiAP-S WLAN AP solutions

25 August, 2015

The Fortinet FortiAP-S series access points (APs) provide organisations with a cost-effective, easy-to-manage and secure option for deploying secure Wi-Fi without compromising security when opting to manage their enterprise WLAN from the cloud.

What can we learn from the Snowden case?

08 June, 2015 by Daren Glenister, Field Chief Technology Officer, Intralinks

The security perimeter has shifted from firewalls to identity management and now to content management, with the aim of preventing another Edward Snowden from succeeding.

Tech Insights: Interview with Charles Clarke, Veeam Software

27 February, 2015

In our new Tech Insights series, we quiz industry leaders to get their views of what the year ahead holds for the IT world. Today we speak with Charles Clarke, Technical Director, APAC, Veeam Software.

Healthcare and privacy go together

19 November, 2014

Mercy Health and Aged Care Central Queensland needed a new system to improve data privacy and efficiency while providing a complete audit trail and satisfying compliance with information security standards.

Top five access control trends for 2014

17 February, 2014 by Jordan Cullis, Director of Sales, Australia and New Zealand, HID Global

Access control solutions will continue to evolve in the coming year, including the increasing prevalence of multifactor authentication, mobile access control and NFC-based authentication.

Controlling who is accessing your data

16 April, 2013

With various information security standards to adhere to, Mercy Health and Aged Care Central Queensland needed transparency into who was accessing its data, and what they were doing with it. They found a solution with Varonis DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege.

Keeping staff productive with content filtering

19 September, 2011

Perth company Wrays Intellectual Property found itself with a dilemma. The company wanted to keep its employees focused and productive by controlling their use of the internet, but didn’t want to stop them from using websites they needed to use to do their jobs.

Astaro Security Gateway Version 8 software

03 August, 2010 by

Security Gateway Version 8 provides SMBs and enterprises with comprehensive security protection.

User security in the office of the future

01 December, 2009 by Andrew Collins

The days of the permanent office cubicle are almost over: users are exploding outwards into the world and taking their data with them. But how do you secure user access in a distributed world, one in which foreign governments are said to be hacking their way into individuals’ machines? Andrew Collins looks for answers.

Crisis looms as dust storm poses security headache for Sydney businesses

23 September, 2009

Remote workers have the potential to cause security lapses for businesses in the current dusty conditions.

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