Microwave Radio Masterclass

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About this seminar

  • Authoritative — dispels industry myths
  • Practical — tutorial examples done using excel-based Microwave calculator
  • Real-world — real-world insights and experiences shared based on legacy and current network experiences
  • In-depth theory — theoretical concepts and insights explained in detail linked to propagation research and field experiences

Presented by Trevor ManningManaging Director, TMC Global

Course Details

Venues Online
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Phone +61 2 9168 2500
Date 04 October, 2021 - 08 October, 2021
Price $ 1450 +GST

Course Outline

Why a seminar on a mature technology?

  • Microwave technology is growing, with exciting new developments in mmWave and TeraHertz bands
  • Design standards are outdated, so it is essential to understand the limitations of the formulas and design rules coded into planning software
  • Many myths abound on the internet, and even in mainstream white papers, that are blatantly wrong
  • To apply the new and exciting concepts introduced in modern microwave equipment, a solid foundation in both analogue and digital microwave theory is essential

If you want an up-to-date, authoritative overview of microwave radio that dispels the many myths that have become mainstream in the industry, then this virtual seminar is for you.

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