GenAI to streamline employee feedback analysis

Monday, 21 August, 2023

GenAI to streamline employee feedback analysis

Google Cloud has announced that employee experience platform Culture Amp will use Google’s Vertex AI product as the foundation of its generative AI solutions, following a successful pilot that could save HR professionals hundreds of hours normally spent analysing employee feedback.

Culture Amp will use Vertex AI to train, model and fine-tune its generative AI capabilities, underpinning efforts to combine highly accurate and actionable results from employee data with full transparency into how AI derives its conclusions.

“Our multi-year journey with AI and machine learning has shown us that you can’t take a short-term, opportunistic approach to this technology — you need a rigorous operating model and ethical principles to create value in a way that doesn’t endanger your customers or their employees’ wellbeing,” said Doug English, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Culture Amp.

“Google Cloud’s technical capabilities and commitment to responsible AI gave us the confidence to make it the foundation for building trustworthy and transparent generative AI functions within our employee experience platform that keep humans firmly at the centre of employee experience.”

The first of Culture Amp’s generative AI capabilities will include features that summarise up to tens of thousands of employee survey comments into topics and actionable insights — automating a process that typically takes HR administrators of medium-to-large organisations up to hundreds of hours to complete. HR administrators using these functions retain full oversight of which employee feedback traces back to the summarised insights produced by Vertex AI, allowing them to correct the results for potential bias and organisational context while maintaining the anonymity of employees’ responses.

“Capabilities like summation of comments allow our customers to respond to employee feedback at scale in as close to real time as possible. This bolsters employee confidence in their employers to act on workplace issues in a timely and decisive fashion,” English said.

“The training and modelling capabilities that Vertex AI provides help us ensure such solutions lead to a much more intuitive and responsive employee experience, without negating HR’s expertise in negotiating complex workforce dynamics or undermining people’s trust in their employers.”

Google Cloud’s generative AI security architecture ensures customer data remains with Culture Amp, and its open architecture will also support Culture Amp’s efforts to involve customers in co-creating future generative AI functions for its platform.

Image credit: Onphalai

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