Equinix Metal key to accelerating digital transformation

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Monday, 15 August, 2022

Equinix Metal key to accelerating digital transformation

As companies continue to invest in their digital transformation initiatives, their infrastructure consumption is becoming more on-demand, global, and interconnected, or what is more commonly referred to ‘as a Service’ (aaS).

According to industry analyst firm Gartner in its research paper “Predicts 2022: Driving Toward Digital Infrastructure Platforms”, by 2025, 40% of newly procured premises-based compute and storage will be consumed as a service, up from less than 10% in 2021.

As companies accelerate their consumption of aaS, leading technology providers like AMD, Ampere, Intel, Nutanix and NVIDIA are expanding features and availability in their hardware options — a move that gives customers more ways to build and scale aaS offerings, modernise their infrastructure, and power hybrid multicloud architectures and cloud native applications.

All these latest hardware options are available on demand with Equinix Metal, where customers can, with just a few clicks, get more raw processing power and throughput than ever before, with close proximity to clouds and end users.

Deployed in Sydney, Equinix Metal will be available in Melbourne this year, which means the bare metal service will be in more than 24 of Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. In addition to offering Equinix Metal in these locations, Equinix also provides interconnection and networking through Equinix Fabric and Network Edge, enabling customers to take their applications global in minutes.

Developers and IT leaders are using Equinix Metal’s proven APIs, integrations with popular DevOps tools, and first-class Kubernetes ecosystem to deploy, maintain and scale their applications next to the clouds, users, networks and partners that matter most to their businesses.

For example, Nasdaq listed Super League Gaming, a global leader in video game experiences and entertainment at the intersection of the creator economy, gameplay content and the metaverse, is using Equinix Metal to manage hypergrowth and improve its premium content experience for gamers. This has enabled them to provide snappier performance and increase revenue. In just a few months, the esports company has achieved 62% growth in registered users and can ramp up and support 10% more gameplay hours in one quarter than in the previous year. As a result, they’ve achieved a 70% increase in video views and ad impressions.

As the world’s digital infrastructure company, Equinix delivers foundational infrastructure across clouds and to the edge, interconnecting them all. When customers combine this foundation with Equinix Metal’s on-demand, state-of-the-art silicon and enterprise solutions alongside Equinix’s efforts toward its goal of becoming climate-neutral globally by 2030, they no longer have to trade peace of mind for power and performance.

Interconnection amplifies the value of bare metal deployments

For digital leaders looking to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, this report by industry analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group explains how Equinix Metal helps companies build foundational infrastructure and benefit from global reach, interconnected ecosystems and trusted partners on Platform Equinix.

It outlines how the combination of bare metal and interconnection tackles many common digital transformation obstacles. This includes simplifying the shift from traditional to digital infrastructure, while enabling companies to achieve competitive business advantage and greater business agility at scale. It also explores a number of common use cases for bare metal deployments, such as hybrid cloud, global edge delivery, and security and compliance.

Scale Services Globally, Leverage Equinix Fabric for Secure, Private Interconnection

Digital leaders can also accelerate their organisation’s digital transformation efforts by connecting to the world’s largest ecosystems of interconnected partners and providers in Equinix IBX data centres and leveraging Equinix Fabric to gain control over IT cost and performance issues.

For example, at a time when businesses continue to rely upon technology for their critical digital infrastructure needs, including the ability to leverage virtual, aaS and edge solutions, they can use Equinix Fabric to provision new, software-defined interconnections customers in minutes. This enables them to expand globally and regionally to meet customer demand in more than 45 metros on five continents, and unlock the power of the extensive hybrid multicloud ecosystem that fuels Platform Equinix. This in turn enables businesses to use their digital infrastructure as a source of commercial advantage and success.

Zoom grows its unified communications platform with Platform Equinix

With aggressive global growth objectives and the need to meet increasing customer demand for greater scalability and security, specifically in the financial services and government sectors, Zoom turned to Platform Equinix, Equinix Fabric and Equinix Internet Exchange to deliver direct, private interconnection to its video unified communication (UC) services. This ensures Zoom’s customers can bypass the public internet and quickly connect to the UC platform in a high-performance, secure and reliable manner.

Equinix’s digital services help customers transform and scale their infrastructure with speed, agility, reliability and the cloud-optimised architectures they need to meet today’s business needs and capture tomorrow’s opportunities.

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