How to transform hindered workers into empowered decision-makers

Zebra Technologies
Monday, 02 May, 2022

There’s disruption on the frontline.

Employees in every industry, from utilities and transportation & logistics, to retail and healthcare, face a disconnected workplace with gaps in communication, information and technology. Today’s decentralised work environment makes it difficult for organisations to track the location of employees, equipment and deliveries/orders in real-time.

As a result, frontline workers are buried in tasks and burdened by inefficiencies, from juggling multiple devices to managing disjointed workflows. This directly leads to inefficient operations and poor staff satisfaction levels.

Without a unified digital workplace solution that fosters collaboration, increased engagement and information sharing, communication and information gaps will continue to grow — and frontline morale will continue to decline.

But there is a way to close information and communication gaps, and usher in a new era of transformation — with Zebra Workforce Connect.

Workforce Connect enables managers to consolidate critical workflows into one fully connected platform — giving their frontline workforce a complete solution. It covers the entire spectrum of frontline needs from communication to collaboration, to information and safety, all in one connected platform.

Offering strong analytics and reporting capabilities, Workforce Connect can be used to determine powerful insights and improve productivity. It also enhances workflow and location visibility via automated safety measures which protect frontline staff.

All of this goes far to foster collaboration, increase productivity and raise customer service to new heights. When information flows freely and collaboration happens naturally, workers move away from task-oriented work and break out of their silos.

Here are five key ways organisations can transform frontline productivity with the help of Zebra Workforce Connect.

1. Streamline communication and task management

Zebra Workforce Connect unifies all communication channels, so workers can answer calls, messages and more from one device. It enables them to reach the right person, in the right role, at the right time, connecting directly with them by secure voice call or text. Furthermore, they have the option to contact one-to-one, broadcast to an entire team, or select teams. Managers can also assign tasks to individuals or groups and easily track progress/completion.

2. Single sign-on and shared device model

Zebra Workforce Connect enables frontline workers to access networks with a single sign-on. This allows workers to instantly populate their device with personalised applications and real-time information and teams, and still get an individualised experience even when sharing devices. Workforce Connect allows temporary or visiting staff to be connected and up to date while enabling organisations to restrict access to applications based on role, title and responsibilities.

3. Analytics and reporting

Workforce Connect generates valuable usage reports and other insights, which can be analysed to make faster and smarter decisions. In the long run, more visibility translates into higher productivity and better staff performance.

4. Reduce distractions and improve worker safety

Workforce Connect allows administrators to silence notifications and lock the screen to reduce distractions, and enables employees to use voice commands to make calls or send messages in hands-free mode. Furthermore, when integrated into certain devices, it detects falls and automatically sends out an SOS notification, enabling workers to dispatch emergency services with the click of a button if required.

5. Push-to-talk functionality

Zebra Workforce Connect allows for instant two-way communication with push-to-talk, just like a walkie-talkie. This gives frontline workers the ability to communicate and tap in with those who use two-way radios, as well as ancillary staff.

Close Gaps with Workforce Connect

Disparate devices and disconnected employees slow productivity and shrink revenue.

With Workforce Connect, hindered workers are now empowered to become effective problem solvers, contributing their best to the organisation. Critical workflows are streamlined in one place, on one device, equipping workers with the information they need, right at their fingertips.

No matter the size of your business, Workforce Connect has an option for you. Its scalable, modular architecture means you can select the features you need for your business.

Find out the benefits of empowering your team with Workforce Connect

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