Cloud + virtualisation

Finsia outsources applications and infrastructure

14 February, 2009

Following the sale of a business unit in 2007, the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (Finsia) revamped its entire IT infrastructure, ultimately settling on a set of managed IT services.

Melbourne IT improves services with virtualisation

14 February, 2009

WebCentral — a key brand of leading global domain name and online services provider, Melbourne IT — has deployed virtualisation technology to provide ‘on demand’ services to its customers.

NZ university automates virtual machine backup

13 February, 2009 by Simon Sharwood

Auckland University has automated the backup of its virtual environments, resulting in a DR window of 2 hours.

Users have a lot to learn about virtualisation and the cloud

11 February, 2009 by Simon Sharwood

According to Melbourne IT, which recently undertook a cloud-computing beta, users need more education on cloud and virtual technologies.

Cost saving shoot-out: Hyper-V vs. VMware

06 February, 2009 by Bridget Botelho

Although Hyper-V may cost less on paper, VMware's ESXi can sometimes prove a cheaper alternative - depending on the specifics of your implementation.

Avoiding application and desktop virtualisation hassles

06 February, 2009 by Christina Torode

This article explains what problems you may face when implementing application and desktop virtualisation - and how to avoid them.

Desktop virtualisation not a money saver

04 February, 2009 by Christina Torode

Lisencing costs mean that although desktop virtualisation can improve security and ease management, it won't save you any money.

Business continuity strategy with Hyper-V

04 February, 2009 by Greg Shields

This article explains how to create a business continuity plan for Microsoft's Hyper-V.

Where does desktop virtualisation fit?

30 January, 2009 by Christina Torode

This article explains why, when, and where you would want to use desktop virtualisation in your organisation.

Cisco to launch servers specifically for virtualisation

27 January, 2009 by Bridget Botelho

Networking giant Cisco will soon branch out into new areas, with the upcoming release of its range of servers designed specifically for virtualised environments.

Virtualisation, the cloud will challenge security in 2009

21 January, 2009 by David Mortman

Writer David Mortman examines the issues that will prove a hassle for security in 2009, including virtualisation, software as a service and web apps.

Insight Dynamics updated with virtualisation features

16 January, 2009 by Bridget Botelho

HP has updated its Insight Dynamics - VSE product with features that simplify virtual server management.

The data centre need not fear the cloud

12 January, 2009 by Chuck Goolsbee

Compliance issues mean that cloud computing will not solve every problem the data centre industry faces, according to one writer.

DataCore's iSCSI bundle now aimed at virtualisation-curious shops

07 January, 2009 by Beth Pariseau

In an affort to attract SMBs curious about virtualisation, DataCore has cut the price and capacity of its iSCSI SAN offerings.

Big storage techs in 2009

07 January, 2009 by Deni Connor

The big storage technologies in 2009 will be VTLs, deduplication, virtualisation, SATA and encryption.

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