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Video drives IT budget further

08 October, 2010 by Merri Mack

Steve Pascoe knows full well what a gift a cochlear implant is having received a bilateral cochlear implant a few years ago. Now working as the Information Technology and Communications Manager for the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre (SCIC), he is determined to use technology in the most efficient way in a quest to help more people to receive the necessary services to support successful cochlear implants.

Collaboration supports the business

08 September, 2010 by Merri Mack

Christopher Johnson’s insatiable interest in technology has not waned since he was a child. In fact, Johnson thinks he was born with zeros and ones in his blood. Now the CIO for Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia-Pacific (PB A-P) and part of its leadership team, Johnson is less interested in specific technology and more focused on how technology can support business. That’s not to say that he has given up on researching (and occasionally ‘playing with’) leading-edge technology, as his peers will attest.

Helios 2N Model 9137160CKDE video and voice door controller

18 June, 2010

The 2N Helios controller is an advanced IP video and phone door control system based on the SIP standard.

Video will drive IP traffic

10 June, 2010

This week, Cisco published its third annual Visual Networking Index forecast for global IP traffic. Cisco projects video will represent 91% of 2014’s global consumer IP traffic, driven by HDTV, 3DTV, VoD, internet video and P2P growth. Cisco predicts a visual four-fold traffic increase by 2014 and claims to have solutions.

Watch State of Origin in 3D on Nine

26 May, 2010

Australian viewers join the 3D revolution with the rugby league State of Origin available in 3D to home viewers.

OASIS platform enables video social networking service

03 May, 2010 by

Liew Kong Nam, Managing Director of Nano Equipment, has an exciting vision for providing mobile video services in the Asia-Pacific region - and a solid strategy for deploying them. “We feel there are many inherent advantages for 3G video calls in our region. Mobile calls are very convenient and access is easier than on a computer because you only need to dial a number and make a quick selection instead of opening a browser. You also get much faster response when switching from one video to another because the video is played back instantly without buffering before play.

Telstra desktop video phone service

12 April, 2010 by

Telstra has launched a video telephony service enabling face-to-face communication using desktop video phones. Organisations currently using the company‘s hosted IP telephony product (TIPT) can use the business-to-business video telephony service by upgrading their desktop phones.

Sony Australia PCS-XG55 HD visual communication system

20 January, 2010 by

Sony Australia has announced the PCS-XG55 HD visual communication system for entry-level and branch office users to meet their needs of cost-effectiveness for better video quality and convenience.

HD videoconferencing boosts productivity

13 January, 2010 by

Ricoh has rolled out a Telstra and Polycom end-to-end, high-definition videoconferencing system increasing employee and enterprise productivity by using the system for around three hours per day across all its offices.

The future of videoconferencing

11 January, 2010 by Andrew Collins*

Cisco’s acquisition of videoconferencing vendor Tandberg is interesting in itself - but the move didn’t occur in a vacuum. Andrew Collins talks to the pundits about what the acquisition means for the industry, and what else the future holds.

Ian Gardiner honoured by winning Pearcy Award

12 November, 2009

With video becoming just another data type and gaining a strong foothold on the internet, it is fitting that video media executive Ian Gardiner has won the prestigious 2009 NSW Pearcey award for ICT leadership.

Orange Business Services videoconferencing

17 August, 2009

Orange Business Services has launched Open Videopresence, a videoconferencing service compatible with all existing networks (IPVPN, internet, ISDN), types of vendors and equipment. It is a simple service with guaranteed quality of support, including a full-time multilingual helpdesk. It also has an auto start on each videoconferencing terminal making it easy for all participants to connect.

MPEG-4 video surveillance

22 July, 2009 by

Mitsubishi Electric has released its range of MPEG-4 digital video recorders, the DX-TL304E, DX-TL308E and DX-TL5716E models which provide 24/7 video surveillance in a package that enables the flexibility to handle any type of installation.

Businesses still have expansion plans

02 July, 2009

A Polycom survey indicates businesses will still expand.

SMB videoconferencing

18 June, 2009 by

Tandberg has unveiled the Quick Set C20, the first-of-its-kind 1080p videoconferencing system designed specifically to meet the needs of SMBs. The Quick Set C20 is a complete visual communication package that includes a Tandberg Codec C20, a high-resolution 1080p30 camera with 4x zoom, a remote control and a microphone. The system can be plugged into any high-definition display for immediate videoconferencing capabilities. In just five simple steps users connect the 1) camera, 2) display, 3) power, 4) network and 5) microphone and are ready to connect face to face with colleagues, customers and suppliers anywhere in the world.

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