Data centres

Modular UPS system

02 June, 2009

The Powerware 9395 825 kVA UPS builds on the core capabilities provided by the 275 and 550 kVA models and allows users to make upgrades in the field by adding additional modules for system redundancy or capacity.

Server management software

16 April, 2009

DSView 3 Management Software helps users manage their hybrid virtual and physical server environments.

Power monitoring and control

16 April, 2009

Version 2.0 of the CXC power control and monitoring software is now available.

Uninterruptible power

16 April, 2009

The EVOLPACK online double conversion uninterruptible power systems (UPS) are available in sizes 1 to 3 KVA.

Remote load power backup

02 April, 2009

The AlphaCap-665 is designed for short duration power backup of 48 VDC powered remote loads such as xDSL and FTTx equipment.

VoIP quality analyser

02 April, 2009

Hammer Call Analyser is a software solution that enables users to capture and analyse problematic IP voice calls.

Fault-tolerant servers

02 April, 2009

The ft series fault-tolerant servers for small and medium businesses are now available, including the mid-range Express5800/320Fd-MR and entry-level Express5800/320Fd-LR.

RiBat UPS battery manager

02 April, 2009

is a management system for extending the life of UPS batteries. It is claimed to increase battery life by 30%.

Canberra’s clever, clean and green data centre

13 March, 2009

Canberra Data Centres (CDC) is a wholly Australian owned, hosted data centre company that was established in 2007 to meet the national capital’s current and future data hosting needs.

Data centre opens and closes

02 February, 2009

Polaris, the disaster, terrorist and earthquake proof centre that will host mission-critical ICT systems for government departments and corporate enterprises, will open and close tomorrow.

Use CUPS and save on data centre energy costs

29 January, 2009

Emerson has introduced a new universal measure for data centre efficiency — a way to measure how much power a data centre consumes, but more importantly, a way to calculate savings from energy optimisations at different stages in the data centre design process.

Are internet data centres inefficient power hogs?

14 January, 2009

Dr Steve Hodgkinson, Research Director at Ovum, raises the question: Should it one day be green to shun the internet? The answer is, of course, that data centres need to be more efficient but there is also a 'catch 22' scenario that he explores.

MS brings fault-tolerance software to Windows Server, Hyper-V

13 January, 2009 by Bridget Botelho

Windows Server and Hyper-V will soon benefit from Marathon's everRun fault-tolerance features, thanks to a recent move by Microsoft.

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