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AI-powered learning design tools empower educators

22 May, 2023

Generative AI-powered course authoring tools were recently launched by OpenLearning, looking to change the way education providers create and deliver content.

Who performs better: students or ChatGTP?

26 April, 2023

A large crowd-sourced study has used accounting assessments to determine whether ChatGTP outperforms students.

AI in education: opportunity or risk?

18 April, 2023

The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) will bring education leaders together to consider generative AI in the sector.

Students create their own machine-learning AI

11 April, 2023

High school students have created their own machine-learning artificial intelligence models for analysing data.

Competent robots preferred to incompetent human teachers: study

29 March, 2023

Researchers at Concordia University have found that preschoolers prefer to learn from a competent robot, rather than an incompetent human.

Infants outperforming AI

01 March, 2023

A new study shows that babies are better than artificial intelligence at detecting the motivation behind other people's actions.

How robots could benefit the education system

24 February, 2023

Researchers have found that a robot can successfully keep children with learning disabilities focused on their work.

Teachers: embrace, don't ban ChatGPT, says expert

03 February, 2023

Teachers should take an active role in testing and using AI tools such as ChatGPT, according to a UniSA expert.

Is AI threatening the future of education?

31 January, 2023

A new book suggests that the rising use of AI by students has created a crisis threatening the integrity of education.

Holographic teachers in remote schools?

24 January, 2023

Holoportation technology has arrived in Australia, and it could see teachers being 'beamed' into remote, short-staffed schools.

The dawn of AI has come, and its implications for education couldn't be more significant

17 January, 2023 by Vitomir Kovanovic, University of South Australia

The release of OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot has given us a glimpse into the future of teaching and learning alongside artificial intelligence.

The risks of robo-marking: AI in Australian schools

02 December, 2022

Automated grading technologies are common in educational institutions overseas, and will likely arrive in Australian schools over coming years.

Test scores or brain scans? Predicting student learning

30 August, 2022

Brain scans may be more accurate than traditional graded tests when it comes to measuring learning, according to new research.

Curriculum shifting towards geospatial technologies

08 August, 2022

An interactive geospatial project has been accepted by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority as a senior piece of assessment.

Futureproofing the careers of the future

25 July, 2022 by Amanda Rose, founder of Western Sydney Women and Future Is Bright

Australia's lack of investment in science and innovation has revealed a troubling trajectory for its future workforce.

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