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Ancient maps get a high-tech facelift

07 November, 2013 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

A National Library of Australia exhibition uses modern technology to provide insight into rare and valuable old maps, as well as the origin of the geospatial industry.

Preparing for the big data revolution

30 October, 2013 by Alan Perkins*

The businesses that succeed in the future will be those that gather information for analysis today, argues Rackspace's Alan Perkins.

Zettaset sues Intel in big data stoush

17 October, 2013 by Andrew Collins

Big data vendor Zettaset has sued Intel, claiming the chip maker misappropriated trade secrets related to its Hadoop management software.

Google's shared endorsements and the "creepy line"

16 October, 2013 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Google's plan to use more Google+ profile data in advertising serves as both a potential model for other companies' big data monetisation efforts and as a cautionary tale.

The 8 worst practices in master data management and how to avoid them

04 October, 2013

Master data management (MDM) is a key foundation for trusted data and using it strategically can differentiate companies from their competitors. It touches nearly every important activity in a company and depends on a partnership between business and IT. Avoid a dead end with your MDM program by reading this paper.  

Have you got a 'big data problem'?

10 September, 2013 by Hugh Rogers*

Hugh Rogers argues that we should worry less about the theoretical discussions about what is big data and focus more on the practicalities of how it can deliver value to an organisation.

Implementing real-time data quality management

30 August, 2013

The Data Warehouse Institute estimates that bad information costs businesses close to $600 million each year. As a result, companies are embarking on broad-scale data quality management initiatives at a rapid pace.

Using big data to improve the customer experience

27 August, 2013 by Ananth Siva, Managing Director - Asia-Pacific, [24]7

Big data is rapidly emerging as an important resource for enhancing customer relationships. Teamed with predictive analytics tools, it can be used to improve loyalty, increase sales opportunities and boost the bottom line.

CSIRO appoints data explosion leader

07 August, 2013

CSIRO has named Dr Bronwyn Harch as chief of its new research division CCI, which will focus on tackling challenges including the exponential growth in data being produced.

Build a data warehouse that people actually use - and trust

30 July, 2013

Business users require a holistic view of the enterprise to better understand business performance and uncover opportunities for competitive differentiation. These business requirements reflect the need to make trusted decisions in less time but most of the data they need is fragmented across many applications, which are hard to integrate. Therefore, a data warehouse is built to transform the data into a single system.  

Dell Toad Business Intelligence Suite 2.0

21 May, 2013

Dell has announced Toad Business Intelligence Suite 2.0, a solution that lets organisations access and extract meaningful information from traditional and non-traditional data sources.

Predicting stock market falls using Wikipedia

10 May, 2013

Researchers from the UK and the US claim to have found a link between reader activity on Wikipedia and subsequent falls on the stock market.

IT is no longer a black box

22 March, 2013 by Anthony Caruana

At the recent NICTA TechFest, held at Parliament House in Canberra, we had the opportunity to speak with Professor Robert C Williamson, the leader of NICTA’s Machine Learning team, about some of the big innovations he thinks CIOs need to keep their eyes on.

Big data: it’s all about smart people

12 March, 2013 by Rami Mukhtar, NICTA Big Data Team Leader

Big data is not about the technology. Big data is not about the next big thing in the IT department. Big data is not all about the social media revolution. Big data is all about really smart people forging the tools to enable business and organisations to stop guessing about which decision is the right one to make.

The ethical footprints of big data, business intelligence and data mining

06 March, 2013 by Andrew Collins

With the increasing popularity of big data, business intelligence, and data mining and analytics, our ethical footprints are becoming both more expansive and harder to see.

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