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Tech Insights: Interview with Andy Farquharson, LogMeIn Asia Pacific

20 February, 2015

In our new Tech Insights series, we quiz industry leaders to get their views of what the year ahead holds for the IT world. Today we speak with Andy Farquharson, Vice President, LogMeIn Asia Pacific.

Big data giants form open source industry group

18 February, 2015 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

A group of major big data vendors has formed the Open Data Platform, an industry body focused on developing and promoting big data technologies based on open source standards.

Make your big data fast for immediate business benefits

13 February, 2015

Big data helps you to make clever decisions but is your big data fast enough to help you to gain and retain a competitive advantage in the rapidly changing environment we live in?

IP Australia to evaluate IBM Watson

11 February, 2015 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Government agency IP Australia is joining the cognitive computing era, entering a deal to evaluate using IBM's Watson to help transform interactions with Australian innovators.

Surviving and benefiting from the big data deluge

09 February, 2015

In 2015, big data management and facilitating analytics will become expected core competencies for data professionals. Enterprises will need ways to easily and rapidly deploy high-value analytic processes. Combining a modern platform and a data discovery methodology can make this happen.

Tech Insights: Interview with Alec Gardner, Teradata

09 February, 2015

In our new Tech Insights series, we speak with industry leaders to get their views of what the year ahead holds for the IT world. Today's expert is Alec Gardner, general manager, advanced analytics for Teradata.

Don't let little data become a big hassle

28 January, 2015 by Lawrence Garvin* and Thomas LaRock^

Little data may become more valuable to your business than big data. But how do you gather it efficiently and securely, and what should you do with it?

Big data's key drivers in 2015

27 January, 2015 by Dr Roger Kermode, Practice Principal, Analytics & Data Management, Enterprise Services, HP South Pacific

How Australian organisations approach the challenges of big data will be key to their success. There are five areas business leaders should watch in 2015, says HP's Dr Roger Kermode.

How do you handle human-generated big data?

19 December, 2014

Human-generated files such as emails, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and audio and video files not only take over our storage space - even more so as we tend to keep them for extended periods of time - but they also produce a much more overwhelming amount of metadata.

What makes a good data scientist?

09 December, 2014 by Ross Farrelly*

Building a successful team of data scientists requires being aware of the range of requisite skills and hiring to maintain a balance of skills across the team, says Teradata's Ross Farrelly.

QUT researchers to use big data to map G20

10 November, 2014 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Scientists from the QUT will use geotagged tweets and Instagram photos to build an interactive map of Brisbane residents' reactions to the weekend's G20 Leaders' Summit.

Big data skills to pay the big data bills

27 October, 2014 by Andrew Collins

As the amount of machine-generated data begins to outstrip human-generated data, the availability of skilled big data experts is not keeping up. How should enterprises tackle the growing skills gap?

Australian companies less satisfied with big data

21 October, 2014 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Australian business leaders are significantly less likely than the global average to believe big data provides significant value, and to be satisfied with the results of their initiatives, a survey indicates.

Arcitecta to supply Mediaflux platform for RDSI

20 October, 2014 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Arcitecta has announced a deal to supply a data management platform for the Research Data Storage Infrastructure, a project to build a national database for Australian researchers.

Big data architecture provides a 360° view

30 September, 2014

Most companies already use some kind of data collection and analysis tools to receive insight into the behaviour of their customers.

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