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How to execute better decision-making

31 July, 2013 by Glen Rabie, Yellowfin CEO and Co-Founder | Supplied by: Yellowfin Australia

Why do we hold meetings, jump on the phone or partake in impromptu hallway discussions when attempting to make a decision? Diverse opinions, backgrounds and expertise mean that we all approach the same question from different perspectives, sharing varied knowledge and experiences. It’s that multiplicity of input that helps us arrive at the best decision possible.

Providing staff with self-service business intelligence

30 July, 2013

Cosmetics Cubed, a company in the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) beauty industry, has implemented a business intelligence solution on a Debian Linux virtual machine. Staff can now conduct self-service data analysis.

Twitter to become closer to television

30 July, 2013

An academic study predicts that Twitter will soon become dominated by posts from celebrities and brands, to the extent that people will view it more like television than a two-way medium.

Resourcing the ICT industry

30 July, 2013 by Elizabeth Rudd, Director, FutureNous

The ICT industry has three areas of resource usage which currently provide opportunities for the industry to lessen its environmental impact: overall energy usage, electronic waste and rare earth metals. How these areas are managed impacts the industry’s future.

Knowledge management projects should focus on the practical

25 July, 2013

Organisations need to rethink their approach to knowledge management, putting greater emphasis on practical knowledge that can deliver measurable results, one recent report says.

Futureproofing your IM investment

24 July, 2013 by Conrad Bates, Managing Partner, C3 Business Solutions

Information management (IM) and business intelligence (BI) projects are continuing to grow in popularity, with more organisations planning to make the most of the data they hold to give them a competitive edge.

How to get a top viewed IT pro profile on LinkedIn

23 July, 2013 by Jane Anderson

IT professionals are in the top three categories of people using LinkedIn - so what can you do to ensure your profile stands out and captures the attention of your target audience?

CA Chorus Infrastructure Management for Networks and Systems

23 July, 2013

CA Chorus Infrastructure Management for Networks and Systems integrates system, network and DB2 for z/OS performance management applications into a single interface.

Siri-like voice technology coming to your enterprise

18 July, 2013

Natural language technology similar to that behind Google Now, Apple’s Siri and IBM’s Watson could soon find its way into the enterprise.

How green is my strategy?

17 July, 2013 by Anthony Caruana

Very few business decisions are now made without some consideration of the environmental impact. But decision makers are also sick of the ‘greenwash’ that is applied to almost every product and service. Is green a big issue or just more hype?

Unions oppose Telstra’s plan to outsource 170 jobs

11 July, 2013

Telstra is considering plans to cut about 170 full-time jobs from its Network Applications and Services (NAS) division in Australia and outsource them to India. Workers’ unions have said they will try to prevent the job cuts.

Four ways to cut office printing costs

11 July, 2013

Office printing can be quite costly for businesses small and large. And while some organisations have implemented basic measures to reduce printing costs, there’s potential to cut these costs even further.

Solving the Aussie ICT skills shortage

11 July, 2013 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

A new government report details the circumstances contributing to a shortage of domestic ICT skills and recommends a series of potential solutions.

Australia sets world record for e-waste collection

08 July, 2013

An Australian technology product recycling program has set a Guinness World Record for the most e-waste collected for recycling in one week.

Startup Weekend Adelaide to run next week

04 July, 2013 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

At next week’s Startup Weekend Adelaide, entrepreneurs will meet up to discuss and develop apps that could form the basis of a credible start-up.

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