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NZ GCSB condemns COVID-19 cyber attacks

14 May, 2020 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

New Zealand's GCSB has condemned reported cyber attacks on foreign critical infrastructure during the COVID-19 crisis, but said NZ has not yet been a target.

COVID-19 related malware and spam on the rise

13 May, 2020 by Amy Sarcevic

Trend Micro has uncovered a variety of malicious campaigns including email spam, BEC, malware, ransomware and malicious domains.

APT groups targeting Australian health sector

12 May, 2020 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

State-backed APT groups are targeting Australia's health sector for COVID-19 research and taking advantage of the crisis in their phishing campaigns.

COVID-19 cyber scams mount against Australians

22 April, 2020 by Amy Sarcevic

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has warned of new scams, frauds and phishing campaigns, all with a COVID-19 theme.

BlackBerry uncovers major APT campaign

09 April, 2020 by Amy Sarcevic

Its research uncovers a decade-long APT campaign on Linux servers, Microsoft and Android, which it says have all been conducted in the interests of the Chinese government.

Ransomware groups find new way of extorting companies

30 March, 2020 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Multiple ransomware threat actors are creating sites to leak data stolen during their infiltration of a target network to help further extort their victims.

Black market for stolen streaming accounts thriving

30 March, 2020 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

The popularity of streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Apple Music has created a lucrative new market for attackers able to steal login details.

Gen Z Australia's fastest growing scam victims

11 March, 2020

Gen Z Australians are the fastest growing scam victims, losing $5 million and making 12,000 reports in 2019, according to the ACCC.

Toll Group responding to ransomware attack

06 February, 2020 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Australian transport and logistics giant Toll Group has fallen victim to a ransomware attack that forced the company to take some core IT systems offline.

TrickBot cybercrime ring develops fileless backdoor

14 January, 2020 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Russian cybercrime enterprise TrickBot has developed a PowerShell-based fileless backdoor designed to stay hidden from modern cybersecurity controls.

BlueKeep exploit found in the wild

05 November, 2019 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

The security researcher who named the BlueKeep vulnerability has warned that honeypots set up to detect such attacks have been targeted by threat actors.

Pitney Bowes hit by ransomware attack

16 October, 2019 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Logistics and e-commerce technology company Pitney Bowes is working to restore services after a ransomware attack took some of its systems out of commission.

'FinalBlacklist' to help businesses hone cybersecurity

08 October, 2019

Researchers have released the "largest publicly available data set" of malicious activity to help businesses hone their cybersecurity capabilities.

Cybercriminals set their sights on SMBs

08 August, 2019

Cyber attackers are turning their focus to SMBs as larger corporations tighten their security, according to cybersecurity firm CTRL Group.

Updated kill chain model could help improve cybersecurity

02 August, 2019

Carbon Black's Cognitive Attack Loop model identifies three phases of cybercriminal behaviour and claims to help defenders better understand the root cause of attacks.

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