Cybercriminals spoofing the financial sector

02 June, 2023 by Luke Power, ANZ Managing Director, Trellix | Supplied by: Trellix

The financial services sector is a highly lucrative target, so it is no surprise that it's among the top industries targeted by cyber attacks.

The impact of a four-day work week on IT security

30 May, 2023 by Steve Singer, Senior Regional Vice President, Country Manager – ANZ at Zscaler | Supplied by: Zscaler Australia Pty Ltd

Security compromise detection relies on an established baseline of behaviour, but how do you establish a baseline when everything is abnormal?

Reduce the risk of accounts payable fraud

24 May, 2023 by Fabian Calle, managing director, small and medium business, SAP Concur ANZ | Supplied by: SAP Concur Technologies ( Australia) Pty Ltd

As businesses integrate more flexible, technology-driven tools and processes, they also expose their operations to additional risks.

Why you need a cyber crisis management plan

23 May, 2023 by Michael van Rooyen, CTO Networks, Orro Group | Supplied by: Orro Group

Developing a cyber crisis management plan can help minimise an attack's ongoing damage and also prepare the organisation's response to future threats.

Mitigating the rise of double extortion ransomware

22 May, 2023 by Brian Grant, ANZ Regional Director, Thales Cloud Security | Supplied by: Thales Australia

Ransomware perpetrators have evolved their business model to include a second catastrophic phase — double extortion ransomware.

Threat spotlight: Malicious HTML attachments double

15 May, 2023 by Fleming Shi, Chief Technology Officer, Barracuda Networks | Supplied by: Barracuda Networks

Barracuda Networks CTO Fleming Shi shines a light on the cybercriminal misuse of HTML as an attack tool.

Criminals exploiting trusted brands in phishing attacks

12 May, 2023 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Cybercriminals are increasingly exploiting trust in technology brands including Microsoft and Adobe to launch phishing attacks, Avast has warned.

Security and compliance: from challenge to opportunity

10 May, 2023 by Chris Smith, senior manager, partner sales, APAC, M-Files | Supplied by: M-Files

Businesses must invest in solutions, best practices and processes that ensure they keep up with changing legislation and regulatory requirements.

Protection from scams shouldn't sacrifice privacy

10 May, 2023 by Richard Booth, VP of Sales APAC, BioCatch | Supplied by: BioCatch

When dealing with individually personal cyber threats, the balance of privacy and protection can become misconstrued.

Cybercriminals can steal your voice in three seconds

08 May, 2023

Using AI tools, it's easy to manipulate images, videos and — perhaps most disturbingly — the voices of friends and family members.

More than a day: long-term password integrity

03 May, 2023 by Grayson Milbourne, Security Intelligence Director at OpenText Cybersecurity | Supplied by: OpenText

Password best practices shouldn't be limited to a single day each year. Password integrity is a discipline that should be strived for year-round.

Cybercriminals used over 500 attack tools in 2022

03 May, 2023 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

The expanding range of attack tools and techniques being utilised by cyber attackers are leaving defenders with few gaps to exploit, according to Sophos.

Organisations underestimate ransomware threat

02 May, 2023 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

While 78% of respondents to a Fortinet survey reported feeling prepared for ransomware attacks, half still fell victim to an attack.

Australian CISOs feel unsupported

28 April, 2023 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Nearly all Australian CISOs report struggling to get the organisational support required to ensure their organisation is resilient against cyber threats.

OS fragmentation poses security headaches: report

28 April, 2023 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

A new report from Absolute Software has found that growing operating system and application fragmentation are causing security problems for organisations.

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