Imperva SecureSphere data security for Microsoft SharePoint

31 October, 2011

SecureSphere for SharePoint is a data security solution to protect sensitive data stored in Microsoft SharePoint.

Check Point Software Technologies Anti-Bot Software Blade

28 October, 2011

Check Point Software Technologies has announced a new Anti-Bot Software Blade that protects against bots and APTs (advance persistent threats) and delivers high traffic performance of up to 40 Gbps.

Expect chaos and catastrophes in security landscape

14 October, 2011 by Merri Mack

IT departments are being urged to make use of new technologies like social media, mobility, virtualisation and the cloud. Each of these carries new security risks and IT departments must learn new tactics to successfully secure them, as Merri Mack explains.

With great cloud comes great responsibility

07 October, 2011

Cloud computing is often treated as something of a black box: you put data into it, some magic goes on, and processed data comes out. But even though someone else is taking care of the heavy lifting, securing your data as it goes into the cloud is still your responsibility. So says Vince Lee, Regional Manager, Australia & New Zealand, SafeNet.

WatchGuard SCADA protection

27 September, 2011

Firewalls and UTMs with Application Control from WatchGuard now include protective supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) signatures.

Verizon enhancing Enterprise Identity Services

23 September, 2011

Verizon is enhancing its cloud-based Enterprise Identity Services to offer more ways to authenticate users to corporate networks.

Unisys Stealth Solution for Secure Virtual Terminal (SSVT)

20 September, 2011

Stealth Solution for Secure Virtual Terminal (SSVT) is a secure solution residing on a USB device to help ensure that a mobile user’s data is secure and readily available to those authorised to view it.

D-Link DFL-260E NetDefend UTM firewall

19 September, 2011

The DFL-260E NetDefend unified threat management (UTM) Firewall provides small- to mid-sized businesses with defence against several network threats.

ComNet CWGE2FE24MODMS 26-port modular gigabit ethernet switch

19 September, 2011

ComNet has introduced a 26-port modular gigabit ethernet switch for commercial security applications.

Compuware Test Data Privacy 3.1

19 September, 2011

Test Data Privacy 3.1 simplifies the creation and disguising of test data in non-production environments, lowering the total cost of an enterprise-wide data privacy implementation.

Keeping staff productive with content filtering

19 September, 2011

Perth company Wrays Intellectual Property found itself with a dilemma. The company wanted to keep its employees focused and productive by controlling their use of the internet, but didn’t want to stop them from using websites they needed to use to do their jobs.

WatchGuard XTM 8 Series security appliance

26 August, 2011

WatchGuard has released the XTM 8 Series multifunction security appliance.

Insecure software will cost you

05 August, 2011 by Rob McAdam*

Looking to save a few dollars, organisations are putting less and less consideration into security when developing software. While it may pay off in the very short term, it’s almost certain to cost businesses much, much more in the long term, with the cost of dealing with security breaches vastly outstripping the cost of developing secure software in the first place. So opines Rob McAdam, CEO of security consultancy Pure Hacking.

Inside the Platform Networks hacking attack

01 August, 2011 by Andrew Collins

Platform Networks, Australian telco wholesaler and NBN affiliate, last week revealed it had been on the receiving end of a six-month-long hacking attack. Andrew Collins talks to Platform’s managing director, David Hooton, about the disclosure of information on the incident to the Australian Federal Police, and a forthcoming case study on the attack and the company’s defence against it.

NBN "not hacked" in Platform Networks attack, says NBN Co

28 July, 2011

NBN Co has denied that its systems were compromised during the attack on its partner Platform Networks that was revealed earlier this week.

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