Data security lessons from the Petraeus scandal

09 January, 2013 by Andrew Collins

The Petraeus scandal - the story of the resignation of the Director of the CIA following an investigation into harassing emails sent by his mistress - provides not just an insight into the lives of top spies, but also serves as a reminder that no one is exempt from digital privacy breaches.

Mobile browsers fail to meet W3C security standards

11 December, 2012 by Technology Decisions staff

Every one of the 10 major mobile browsers fails to meet security guidelines recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for browser safety, according to a study from the George Institute of Technology in America.

Web filtering considerations

04 December, 2012 by Andrew Collins

The stats say that employees burn a couple of hours a day on non-work websites like Facebook and Reddit. But there are technological and political issues you need to consider before implementing a web filtering solution.

Litéra Secure File Transfer

27 November, 2012 | Supplied by: ACP Solutions

Litéra Secure File Transfer provides email encryption, electronic signatures and secure large file transfer. It allows users to send encrypted emails and attachments of any file type up to 100 GB, and enables organisations to safely transfer large files that may otherwise be restricted by file size restrictions of the sender’s or recipient’s mail server.

Next-generation firewalls: security without compromising performance

06 November, 2012 by Sandeep Joshi - Country Manager for DELL SonicWALL, Australia and New Zealand | Supplied by: SonicWALL

IT managers in corporate and mid-size businesses have to balance both network performance and network security concerns. Earlier-generation firewalls pose a serious security risk to organisations today as their technology has effectively become obsolete, failing to inspect the data payload of network packets circulated by today’s internet criminals. Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) have emerged as the solution to this thorny problem.

Passwords can be harvested from PCs in standby mode

21 August, 2012

When a computer is switched off, any passwords you used to login to web pages, banks or other financial accounts evaporate into the digital ether, right? Not so fast! Researchers in Greece have discovered a security loophole that exploits the way computer memory works and could be used to harvest passwords and other sensitive data from a PC even if it is in standby mode.

Eleven tips for SMB information security

15 August, 2012 by Michael McKinnon, Security Advisor, AVG Australia and New Zealand

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are becoming the preferred target of cybercriminals, since they are less likely to have strong security in place. Michael McKinnon, Security Advisor, AVG Australia and New Zealand, provides some tips for SMBs looking to reduce their chances of being compromised by cybercriminals.

LogMeInCentral antivirus management feature for remote PC monitoring

12 August, 2012

LogMeIn has released an update to its IT automation and management product, LogMeIn Central, that makes it easy to monitor and manage hundreds of versions of antivirus software through a single, centralised interface.

How to select a cloud storage provider

07 August, 2012

There’s a lot riding on your choice of cloud provider - pick the wrong one and you could end up a headline in the next data breach news story. However, picking between these providers can be confusing.

Blue Coat Cloud Service managed security service

03 August, 2012

The Blue Coat Cloud Service delivers robust threat protection that is backed by the Blue Coat WebPulse collaborative defence.

Kyocera Net Policy Manager secure printing program

02 August, 2012

The Kyocera Net Policy Manager (KNPM) is an economical and simple way for organisations to reduce document costs, introduce secure printing and adopt a sustainable printing strategy.

WatchGuard Fireware XTM 11.6 firewall operating system

16 July, 2012

Fireware XTM 11.6 includes performance and management enhancements that help administrators define, review and enforce network policies.

F5 Networks IP Intelligence service

16 July, 2012

The IP Intelligence service is a cloud-based solution that enables organisations to safeguard their infrastructures by detecting and stopping access from IP addresses associated with malicious activity.

Symantec Instant Messaging (, with support for Microsoft Lync

16 July, 2012

Symantec Instant Messaging (, with support for Microsoft Lync, is now available. The product helps organisations that communicate using instant messaging platforms address their security and compliance issues.

Websense Triton security architecture

16 July, 2012

Triton provides enterprises with the deep protection, forensics and visibility necessary to understand which individuals are subject to attacks, cybercrime tactics and methods, attack communications and destinations, and what data is being targeted.

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