Cloud + virtualisation

Data protection on VMware virtual machines

15 May, 2009 by Jeff Boles

Learn about the difficulties inherent in protecting data stored on virtual machines, in this article from analyst Jeff Boles.

HP and Hitachi release virtualisation tools

14 May, 2009 by Simon Sharwood and Ashley Dean

New tools from Hitachi and HP look to ease the management and use of virtualisation technologies.

Tips for virtual provisioning

14 May, 2009 by Staff writers

Learn how to best provision your virtual environments with this list of tips.

Virtualisation demands new provisioning plans

13 May, 2009 by Staff writers

New provisioning plans are now required, thanks to the influx of virtualisation and the growth of storage demands.

3Com's new range includes virtualisation-ready switches

12 May, 2009 by Rivka Gewirtz Little

Networking vendor 3Com has revealed its new enterprise range, which includes routers built for virtualisation, intended to target Cisco.

Windows Storage Server 2008 includes virtual improvements

11 May, 2009 by Beth Pariseau

Microsoft's new Storage Server 2008 includes a number of improvements, not the least of which is better virtualisation features.

Storage vendors keen to integrate with XenServer

08 May, 2009 by Beth Pariseau

More than 20 storage vendors have agreed to work alongside Citrix to better integration with XenServer.

How to buy storage for virtualisation

08 May, 2009 by Eric Seibert

There are several things to keep in mind when buying storage to go with your virtual environments. This guide explains.

How virtualisation works on mobile devices

07 May, 2009 by Caroline Gabriel

Learn how applications can be virtualised on mobile devices in this article.

Guidelines for virtualising storage infrastructure

07 May, 2009 by Jerome M. Wendt

These four tips explain how to virtualise your storage infrastructure in the best possible way.

A whole new virtual world for US agency

05 May, 2009 by Herb Ferguson

A US government agency recently implemented a tiered storage project involving 75 servers, 14 TB of data and virtualisation.

Virtual environments demand new approaches to security

28 April, 2009 by Angus Kidman

Recent converts to VMware say they have had to change the way they approach security, in order to cope with their new virtual environments.

In EMC's RapidIO, "everything is virtualised"

23 April, 2009 by Richard Chirgwin

We explain EMC's RapidIO, a bus standard that the company says will be responsible for carrying data in its new storage arrays.

New VMware API allows third parties into the hypervisor

22 April, 2009 by Neil Roiter

The virtualisation giant's VMsafe API will allow third party security vendors to apply security policies within the hypervisor itself.

Cloud operating system

22 April, 2009

Industry’s first operating system for building the internal cloud has been unveiled.

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