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Storage virtualisation myth busters

02 December, 2009

While the demand for storage virtualisation has opened up sales opportunities for vendors, it has also created numerous myths about it. Hitachi’s Simon Elisha sets out to quash these myths in order to distinguish the facts from the hype.

Secure the pearly gates, not the cloud

02 December, 2009

Cloud computing is fast becoming one of the most widely adopted IT trends of recent years. Lured by the offer of flexible, low-cost and easily scalable IT, many businesses are relying more and more heavily on cloud-based applications, storage and security. However, as highlighted by Gartner and many others, big questions remain over the security of cloud computing. Clearswift’s Peter Croft* explains how the big security questions should be answered.

Security concerns leads to user hesitancy in adopting cloud computing

17 September, 2009

Uncertainty over adequate security and data privacy outweighs other barriers to cloud computing by a wide margin.

3D technology for XenDesktop

15 September, 2009

Citrix has released the Citrix HDX which its claims will bolster its ability to deliver high-definition information via virtual desktops to professional graphics users in industries such as manufacturing, engineering and graphic design, and architecture.

Virtual desktop infrastructure

15 September, 2009

HP has announced what it claims is the first virtual desktop infrastructure solution for under US$1000 per user seat. The Virtual desktop infrastructure is a server-based computing model that gives users a PC desktop experience, while securing all applications, management and processing in the data centre. The HP Virtual Desktop Reference Architecture for VMware View specifically addresses the performance bottlenecks and management complexities of other offerings.

Sustainable data centre through virtualisation

08 September, 2009

A Melbourne technology company has deployed a green IT solution and reduced its carbon footprint by 60 tonnes with bottom line savings of $83,000. Late last year, Pronto Software, an Australian developer of enterprise software solutions, needed to expand server capacity in its Melbourne-based data centre to support turnover growth and staff numbers. The company was looking at having to install more servers and upgrade power, air conditioning and rack space, as well as increase space in the data centre to accommodate the extra servers.

Agent-based backup not suitable for virtual environments

29 August, 2009 by Alex Barrett

According to Vmware fans, agent-based backup tools aren't able to sufficiently handle virtual environments. Some have reported success using snapshots, instead.

NEC hosted managed service

27 August, 2009

NEC Australia has extended its cloud computing and services strategy with the launch of a hosted managed service aimed at SMEs.

Backing up virtual environments with VMware

04 August, 2009 by Eric Seibert

In this article we explain how to install and use VMware Data Recovery.

Is Hyper-V secure enough for the enterprise?

03 August, 2009 by Todd R. Weiss

VMware is actively raising doubts about the security of Microsoft's Hyper-V. Is there any truth to the claims?

Virtualisation empowers end users

31 July, 2009 by Christina Torode

Virtualisation and cloud computing are allowing end users to get out from under the thumb of IT departments - something that could be worth worrying about.

High-end storage array

30 July, 2009

The Symmetrix V-Max system incorporates Virtual Matrix Architecture with industry-standard components to deliver massive scalability - enabling systems that scale to hundreds of thousands of terabytes of storage and tens of millions of IOPS (input/output per second) supporting hundreds of thousands of VMware and other virtual machines in a single federated storage infrastructure.

Networks get smarter as virtualisation increases

30 July, 2009 by Shamus McGillicuddy

As virtualisation, mobility and guest access become mission-critical, enterprises are increasingly employing intelligent edge switches.

Network key to virtualisation projects

29 July, 2009 by Tessa L. Parmenter

If you're considering virtualisation, you should involve your network administrator in all aspects of planning, design and implementation, analysts say.

Virtualisation to exhibit more vendor lock-in, higher prices

27 July, 2009 by Michael Warrilow and John Brand, Hydrasight

VMware may soon completely monopolise the virtualisation market, analysts warn, which would have ramifications for prices and vendor lock-in.

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