Cloud + virtualisation

Virtualisation to benefit from FCoE

24 July, 2009 by Dave Raffo

IBM will soon sell Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) equipment from Brocade and Cisco. Analysts say storage virtualisation deployments have the most to gain from such a move.

Six-core CPUs could have benefits for virtualisation

22 July, 2009 by Mark Fontecchio

New Opteron chips could have vast ramifications for virtualisation. But they'll require some reworking of your applications.

What comes after server virtualisation?

22 July, 2009 by John Burke

Server virtualisation has helped data centre managers improve efficiency across the board. But there's more you can do to improve data flows through across the network.

VMware backup for Quantum products

21 July, 2009 by Dave Raffo

Quantum has introduced virtual backup appliances for its disk libraries and LTO-4 tape appliances.

VMware will virtualise Google OS

21 July, 2009 by Alex Barrett

VMware will soon allow the virtualisation of Google's Chrome operating system. Is VMware starting some Linux-based mischief?

SNIA's Scroggie on virtualisation

20 July, 2009 by Craig Scroggie

Virtualisation has strong ties to cloud-computing, ones that could influence how you use the technology.

SSD and 2.5" HDDs better for virtualisation

20 July, 2009 by Chris Mellor

The 3.5 inch HDD I/O channel is fast becoming a bottleneck, particularly given its use in virtualisation projects,

Two alternatives to server virtualisation

17 July, 2009 by John Burke

Learn about two virtualisation techniques that you can use instead of server virtualisaiton.

Ease VM admin with Hyper-V snapshots

16 July, 2009 by Robert McShinsky

Hyper-V's snapshot feature may not be that useful as a backup plan, but they can help administrators cope with the pains of  virtual machines.

How Cisco UCS affects virtual storage

14 July, 2009 by Marc Staimer

Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS) has ramifications for data stored on virtual servers. This tip explains what UCS changes and how to cope with it.

Virtual backup explained

13 July, 2009 by Anthony Adshead

Roy Illsley, analyst at Butler Group explains the bigges problems that arise when backing up virtual machines, and what you can do about them.

EMC takes on cloud vendors with Ionix

09 July, 2009 by Simon Sharwood

EMC's rebranded management line - now known as "Ionix" - is aimed directly at cloud vendors such as HP, CA and IBM.

Tracking down your virtual machines

09 July, 2009 by David Mortman

Before you can secure your virtual environments, you must be able track down your machines.

Pay heed to security when going virtual

09 July, 2009 by Ron Condon

Organisations are leaping head first into virtualisation, given the technology's purported benefits.  But those that do it without considering security are taking wild risks.

Using Cluster Shared Volumes in Hyper-V R2

08 July, 2009 by Greg Shields

This guide explains how to use Hyper-V R2's new Cluster Shared Voumes feaure.

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