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Measuring inefficiency

06 June, 2022 by Karl Goetz

With a view to improving my 'leanness' and stop myself working so many extra hours, I started collecting data around what I was working on.

Cybersecurity advice in the wake of Ukraine

07 March, 2022 by Stuart Rainsford

In light of the current situation in Ukraine, the ACSC is urging all Australian organisations to adopt an enhanced cybersecurity position.

Why major IT changes can wait

17 January, 2022 by Karl Goetz

Attempting major IT changes late in the day — or week — can be a recipe for disaster.

We deserve better broadband

06 December, 2021 by Sean Bates

Can Australia really be seen as a leader in technology and innovation without access to reasonably priced, high-speed broadband?

Does anyone really know what's going on?

01 November, 2021 by Andrew Dent

The use of multiple, unintegrated, third-party systems presents challenges for IT managed services providers.

Whatever happened to standards development?

06 September, 2021 by James Andrewartha

What happened to standards development — where end users could pick and choose between products offered by different vendors to find the best solution?

Getting started with SASE

02 August, 2021 by Stuart Rainsford, Director, ITPA

Gartner's 2021 Strategic Roadmap for SASE Convergence report recommends security and risk management leaders develop a roadmap for adoption of SASE.

How to create an effective data-at-rest security strategy

05 July, 2021

Over the past few years, the cost of data loss due to inadequate protection and more advanced hacking has grown to a more serious level.

Getting a fair slice of the funding pie

07 June, 2021 by Bruce Young, Director, ITPA

Now that the dust has settled on the 2021–22 federal Budget, here is a brief overview on what is in it for the tech sector.

The future of virtual reality

03 May, 2021 by Chris Herrmann*

It's a truism that you need to keep learning, growing and challenging yourself. Information technology (IT) provides more opportunity for this compared to other fields — it seems every time you turn around there's a new service, API product, business model and more.

Continuing professional development for IT specialists

06 April, 2021 by Paul McInerney

Leaders must be committed to continually improving their teams' skills and knowledge in IT and cybersecurity. A CPD policy is a great way do to this.

Canberra's face-off with Facebook

01 March, 2021 by Sean Bates

Is the news media bargaining code a victory for all Australian news content producers, or is it just big tech versus big news media?

The privacy problems of COVID tracing apps

01 February, 2021 by James Andrewartha

We can't rely on technology to keep COVID tracing app data safe; rather, we need strong legal protections, argues ITPA's James Andrewartha.

Old technology versus modern security

11 January, 2021 by Nathaniel Mitchell

The IT industry should be more vocal about the dangers of using old software and hardware in an increasingly connected world, says the ITPA's Nathaniel Mitchell.

Best of 2020: 3 in 4 companies lack an adequate cyber response plan

04 January, 2021 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Research from IBM suggests that 74% of businesses globally still have only ad hoc or inconsistently applied security response plans, if they have one at all.

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