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Communications cybersecurity to be top of agenda at CCV

23 October, 2020 by Jonathan Nally

Leading experts from the NSW Government, NIST and the private sector will spearhead the cybersecurity discussion at the Comms Connect Virtual Conference Series.

Study: Employee personal devices pose risk to corporate data

15 September, 2020

A Trend Micro survey has highlighted the risks posed by smart home devices to the corporate cybersecurity chain, as more employees shift to working remotely.

BYOPC to reach mainstream in 5 years

31 August, 2020 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Gartner is predicting that the emerging bring your own PC technology trend will reach mainstream adoption within five years, driven by COVID-19 WFH restrictions.

ATEN secure KVM switches

07 June, 2018

The ATEN PSS PP v3.0 secure KVM switches provide isolation between computer sources and peripherals while sharing a single keyboard, mouse, monitor, speaker set and common access card (CAC) reader between connected computers of various security classifications.

Huge IoT botnet may be used for Ukraine attack

24 May, 2018 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Cisco's Talos threat intelligence unit has discovered a major IoT botnet that may be linked to a planned state-sponsored cyber attack on Ukraine.

Overcoming the human risk factor

11 May, 2017 by Sinisha Patkovic, VP Government Solutions, BlackBerry

A better approach to deploying security solutions is to match existing employee behaviours, rather than expecting people to change.

Telstra wins legal battle over metadata

20 January, 2017 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

The OAIC has failed in its appeal to overturn an earlier verdict overruling its order for Telstra to provide metadata collected about subscribers.

Schneider Electric sets up cybersecurity practice

20 September, 2016 by Jonathan Nally

Schneider Electric has launched an Industrial Cybersecurity Practice in Australia which, it said, aims to improve protection for utility, resources and manufacturing industries from attack.

Igniting cybersecurity in the energy sector

20 September, 2016 by Simon Mouat, Vice President of Energy, Schneider Electric

For the increasingly hyper-connected energy sector, hacking one piece of industrial equipment can now be the same as attacking one million.

Network access policies must be updated for IoT

13 September, 2016 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Gartner has urged organisations to update their network access policies and enforcement practices to address the growing number of IoT devices requiring access to the enterprise network.

Attackers scraping data from LinkedIn

15 August, 2016 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

LinkedIn has filed a lawsuit seeking to identify and obtain an injunction against unknown attackers who have been illegally scraping data from the enterprise social media platform since December.

Ceding control to attackers — without knowing it

10 August, 2016 by Vincent Goh, Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific, CyberArk

IT security strategies are not complete unless they protect access to administrator credentials and improve domain controller security.

Privileged credentials — keys to the IT kingdom

24 March, 2016 by Sam Ghebranious, ANZ Regional Director, CyberArk

In the battle to protect sensitive data, organisations often overlook protection of their privileged SSH keys, thus leaving a gaping hole in their defences.

App stores open the door to security vulnerabilities

21 January, 2016 by Chris Williams*

The current app store situation is a vector for malware to be accidentally loaded onto a user's device and then gain access to the corporate network.

Advance your SSO strategy to meet changing business needs

06 October, 2015

Single sign-on (SSO) has long been the go-to technology to ensure convenient password synchronisation, replay and security. The move towards more web-based access methods, however, makes it difficult for yesterday's SSO solution to meet today's evolving application requirements.

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