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Data storage: the third big challenge of IT

26 September, 2013 by Charles Clarke*

Over the decades IT has seen two distinct challenges: processing power and later network bandwidth. While they are both still important, storage space has become the dominant concern.

IT tips for mid-size organisations

15 February, 2013

Mid-size organisations exist in an odd part of the budget spectrum: they have significantly more difficult IT burdens to bear than smaller organisations, but they don’t quite have the expansive budgets that a larger organisation might have to deal with such problems.

Aeronautical R&D firm evades contractual missile with storage system

15 August, 2011

To avoid commercial penalties for not delivering on contractual commitments, the Australian branch of electronic information systems business Thales has implemented a multiple-site storage system including disaster recovery, virtualisation and deduplication.

Web host scores deduplication goal

12 May, 2011

Web host and streaming provider Hostworks has deployed a backup, recovery and deduplication system, affording the company 20 TB of deduplicated data capacity, which ultimately allowed it to support the 2010 FIFA World Cup websites of Australian broadcaster SBS.

Quantum DXi6700 deduplication and replication appliance

25 November, 2010 by

The DXi6700 deduplication and replication appliance provides up to 3.5 TB/h backup and provides up to 56 TB of usable capacity for Fibre Channel SAN environments.

Symantec NetBackup 5000 scalable deduplication appliance

25 November, 2010 by

NetBackup 5000, a scalable deduplication appliance, provides fast backup with effective utilisation of bandwidth and storage.

Hewlett-Packard StorageWorks P4800 BladeSystem SAN and EVA Cluster

07 July, 2010 by

Creating a virtual pool of shared storage resources is a key technology in the evolution to a converged infrastructure. StorageWorks P4800 BladeSystem storage area network (SAN) and the StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) Cluster enable clients to consolidate servers, storage and desktops by creating virtual resource pools of capacity. This enables clients to easily shift resources as the organisation requires.

Hewlett-Packard StoreOnce data deduplication software

07 July, 2010 by

StoreOnce data deduplication software can be deployed at multiple points in a converged infrastructure, reducing the number of times data has to be deduplicated and enabling clients to more efficiently manage and control data growth.

Hewlett-Packard StorageWorks D2D backup systems

07 July, 2010 by

All StorageWorks D2D backup systems contain StoreOnce software. The D2D4312 delivers disk-based backup and restore capabilities and scales up to 48 TB, enabling clients to consolidate backup of multiple servers in a single process. Optional multisite replication functionality automates backups to a centralised location in the data centre.

Quantum DXi4510 and DXi4520 disk backup appliances

18 May, 2010 by

The Quantum turnkey DXi4510 and DXi4520 disk backup appliances work with backup software packages to provide non-disruptive deduplication, assisting SMBs and remote offices to simply and cost-effectively address backup needs.

EMC Corporation Data DomainGlobal Deduplication Array

13 May, 2010 by

EMC Corporation has announced the Data DomainGlobal Deduplication Array, claimed to be the fastest inline deduplication storage system for enterprise backup applications. The system, based on a multicontroller extension of the Data Domain architecture, offers inline global deduplication and a global namespace for all data stored in the dual controller system.

EMC Corporation DD880 single controller system capacity doubled

13 May, 2010 by

EMC Corporation has announced that the Data Domain DD880 single controller system for large enterprises has now doubled its maximum capacity, offering support for up to 7.1 petabytes of logical storage. This provides users with greater backup and disaster recovery consolidation, further simplifying management and reducing operational expenses.

Get on the optimisation bus

13 April, 2010 by Simon Sharwood

You probably cannot help but buy more storage, writes Simon Sharwood, but why not make sure you use every byte of the storage you’ve already got before you sign another cheque? Well that makes sense. Keep reading to find out the latest optimisation techniques.

Quantum DXi6530, DXi6540 and DXi6550 backup appliances

10 March, 2010 by

Quantum has announced the largest three models in its DXi6500 midrange NAS backup and deduplication appliances - the DXi6530, DXi6540 and DXi6550. They provide up to 25% higher throughput, at a maximum adaptive ingest rate of 2.5 TB/h.

Optimising storage infrastructure using deduplication

08 March, 2010

With massive volumes of data being generated daily, organisations are being flooded with data and they are struggling to effectively manage information growth. Symantec’s Paul Lancaster sets out the reasons why deduplication technologies will help with data storage.

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