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Achieve up to 40% reduction in cost per TB

Supplied by IBM Australia Limited on 31 July, 2013

In the supermarket, maximising the sale of more profitable items is a key measure of effectiveness, while optimising the use of shelf space is an important measure of efficiency. Unused shelf space is a lost opportunity. 

Build a data warehouse that people actually use - and trust

Supplied by Informatica Australia on 30 July, 2013

Business users require a holistic view of the enterprise to better understand business performance and uncover opportunities for competitive differentiation. These business requirements reflect the need to make trusted decisions in less time but most of the data they need is fragmented across many applications, which are hard to integrate. Therefore, a data warehouse is built to transform the data into a single system.  

How to choose backup for SMBs eBook

Supplied by Westwick-Farrow Pty Ltd on 24 July, 2013

Today’s computing environment is complex. Data is kept locally on servers, computers, tablets and in the cloud. And, to paraphrase Spiderman, with great flexibility comes great complexity. That complexity means that the way we back up our distributed and virtualised environments has to change from the way we did it just a few years ago. 

Storage success stories – 25 companies, 13 industry verticals

Supplied by IBM Australia Limited on 22 July, 2013

Storage challenges and solutions featuring 25 short case studies across 13 industry verticals, including: finance, utilities, insurance, travel, education, healthcare & telecommunications. 

Secure solutions for connecting data centres

Supplied by Alcatel Lucent on 15 July, 2013

Responding to increasing security threats and regulation, enterprises face a range of challenges in providing a comprehensive IT security program.

Organisations are now shifting to the real-time transfer of data between data centres and implementing on-the-fly data encryption with key management for security.

Virtualisation and cloud computing: optimised power, cooling and management maximises benefits

Supplied by on 10 July, 2013

IT virtualisation, the engine behind cloud computing, can have significant consequences on the data centre physical infrastructure. The particular effects of virtualisation are discussed and possible solutions or methods for dealing with them are offered. 

Data centre physical infrastructure: optimising business value

Supplied by Schneider Electric on 10 July, 2013

To stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing business world, companies must update the way they view the value of their investment in data centre physical infrastructure (DCPI). This white paper discusses how companies can succeed in a changing global market. 

Top 10 mistakes in data centre operations: operating efficient and effective data centres

Supplied by Schneider Electric on 10 July, 2013

How can you avoid making major mistakes when operating and maintaining your data centre(s)? The key lies in the methodology behind your operations and maintenance program. This white paper explores the top 10 mistakes in data centre operations. 

The social dimension of business analytics: extracting value from the voice of the customer

Supplied by Information Builders on 10 July, 2013

Employing tools that incorporate social media analytics into broader enterprise business analytics strategies can help marketing professionals enhance the customer experience and improve all facets of marketing operations. This paper shares tips for choosing the right platform for consolidation. 

Simplifying network administration in an Alcatel-Lucent VMware virtual environment

Supplied by Alcatel Lucent on 01 July, 2013

VMware's server virtualisation allows IT organisations to use network computing and storage resources more efficiently. But a virtual infrastructure requires a different set of management tools than those used to manage a physical infrastructure.

A coordinated virtual infrastructure for SDN in enterprise networks

Supplied by Alcatel Lucent on 01 July, 2013

Increasing agility and automation in the data centre to optimise application delivery requires a complete, end-to-end, coordinated virtual infrastructure. This infrastructure will allow applications and the physical network to collaborate, thereby providing a high quality experience for users and enabling optimisation of resources.

Network route monitoring

Supplied by SolarWinds Software on 28 June, 2013

Advanced routing protocols designed to automatically identify and update the optimal traffic route make it increasingly difficult for the network professional to keep up with the state and topology of network routes. Network failures are characterised by a variety of different symptoms (loss of connectivity, inability to reach a destination or a slow network) resulting from a variety of root causes (configuration errors, missing routes in a routing table or route flapping). This white paper looks further into this issue and some possible troubleshooting solutions. 

Network IP multicast monitoring and troubleshooting

Supplied by SolarWinds Software on 28 June, 2013

Multicast is a special type of network traffic where packets are delivered to a group of destinations as a single transmission. Multicast is used for advanced network services such as multimedia distribution, finance and education. Compared to unicast, in which one computer talks directly to another computer, and broadcast, in which one computer talks to all computers, multicast provides an optimised and targeted communication path from the device to a select group of other devices within its group.

This white paper reviews a solution to help monitor and troubleshoot network multicast issues. Download now. 

The ROI of network management and monitoring

Supplied by SolarWinds Software on 28 June, 2013

Implementation of a network management solution can have a tremendous financial benefit to your organisation if you select a cost-effective solution.

This white paper reviews a software solution that helps detect network issues, track response time and show stats in real time. Download now to read about more features. 

The new integration: application integration in the 21st-century world

Supplied by Tibco Software on 25 June, 2013

Integration has been one of the most powerful approaches to leveraging the value of existing IT assets and will likely become even more important in the near future. But in an IT landscape dominated by big data, social networking and cloud computing, integration will not only grow in importance, its very nature will change. 

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