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Five principles for integrating software-as-a-service applications

Supplied by Tibco Software on 25 June, 2013

According to Forrester, businesses will use an average of nearly 10 software-as-a-service applications by the end of 2013. SaaS applications, as well as mobile traffic, social networks and customer channels are new integration points that will need to be captured in your business processes. 

Improving mobile device security and management with active directory

Supplied by Centrify Asia Pacific on 04 June, 2013

As more workers bring personal devices to work for increased productivity and mobile access, organisations must quickly respond to the security and compliance risks posed by unmanaged access to corporate information. IT organisations need to deploy comprehensive and cost-effective solutions that secure and manage all the devices that are part of this trend. 

HCP Anywhere: easy, secure, on-premises files sharing

Supplied by Hitachi Data Systems on 03 June, 2013

Public OFS solutions are extremely popular, and for good reasons: they are inexpensive, simple to use and provide a valuable service. However, they can also significantly increase risks to corporate data. ESG research indicates that OFS can expose organisations to security risks such as data leakage and web-based threats, among others. This paper looks at a secure and easy-to-use solution for IT. Download now. 

Server virtualisation gains momentum in small businesses, but backup adoption for virtual machines still lags

Supplied by Symantec on 21 May, 2013

Server virtualisation is no longer an up-and-coming trend - it’s an established fact of life for IT teams and their business users. And importantly, virtual servers no longer are the standard only in large enterprises. A new research survey of IT and business decision-makers at SMBs in the Asia-Pacific region points out that server virtualisation is now widely adopted among smaller organisations as well. Review the findings in this report. 

Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection vs seven competitors: performance benchmark

Supplied by Webroot International Limited on 07 May, 2013

Passmark Software conducted performance testing on eight security software products during January 2013 using 13 metrics. This report presents the findings as a result of performance benchmark testing conducted for these endpoint security products.
Download this report to see how they ranked. 

Closing the circle: how to get manageable endpoint, mobile device and web security together

Supplied by Webroot International Limited on 07 May, 2013

In today’s world of employees spending hours online every day with multiple devices, we should be looking at solutions that can protect our endpoints.
This paper outlines three offerings that can be deployed independently or in combination to provide numerous security benefits. Download now. 

User-based licensing for endpoint protection and BYOD: five reasons why you should license by employee, not devices

Supplied by Webroot International Limited on 07 May, 2013

IT managers and security professionals don’t spend much time thinking about software licensing but sometimes a smarter licensing plan can simplify administration, reduce costs and improve security. A new model for endpoint and mobile device protection that licenses software by employee rather than by device is discussed here. Download this paper now. 

Delivering a secure mobile future

Supplied by Webroot International Limited on 07 May, 2013

The mobile internet revolution has truly arrived and is starting to deliver on the anytime and anywhere access that lets us take more control over our time and lives. By us demanding to use mobile technology in the workplace, IT has been left scrambling to develop mobile policies and understand how to secure all of the confidential information that will now be held on our personal mobile devices.

This paper addresses the BYOD phenomenon. 

Bandwidth bandits

Supplied by Symantec on 01 May, 2013

Internet bandwidth is a finite and expensive resource so we should protect it from spammers, hackers and time wasters. This paper looks at a service to help protect your company’s internet link from malware threats and enforce acceptable use of IT systems. 

Legal compliance in electronic record keeping

Supplied by Symantec on 01 May, 2013

In Australia there is now a complex framework of legislation regulating the retention of information for various purposes. It has never been more important to ensure that an organisation’s records, including emails, are properly managed.

This paper sets out key points to ensure legal compliance.  

The inevitable extinction of PSTs

Supplied by Symantec on 01 May, 2013

IT administrators are responsible for the integrity, security and availability of an organisation’s email platform. Some of the most common threats to mailboxes are viruses and hardware failures, but there is another, often overlooked culprit - PST files. Allowing users to retain email messages in PST files may be a harmful threat to a mailbox’s data.

This paper outlines solutions to address this threat. 

Privileged user activity auditing: the missing link for enterprise compliance and security

Supplied by Centrify Asia Pacific on 18 April, 2013

User activity auditing is the missing element that enterprises require to improve security, speed compliance and drive cost efficiencies. By quickly establishing who performed which action, a complete picture of intentions and impacts can be achieved.

Download this white paper to read about an auditing solution for compliance.  

Stop password sprawl with SaaS single sign-on via active directory

Supplied by Centrify Asia Pacific on 18 April, 2013

Organisations are rushing to SaaS in an effort to move business initiatives along faster than the traditional cycle. But, IT managers are realising that this adoption is part of a larger bring-your-own device trend that is playing a key role.

Download this white paper to look at a new cloud-based architecture that could help. 

Windows least privilege management and beyond

Supplied by Centrify Asia Pacific on 18 April, 2013

Devising an enterprise-wide privilege access scheme for Windows systems is complex. For Windows environments it is critical that organisations establish granular privileges quickly and efficiently to restrict administrative access to only the servers and resources required to perform a necessary job.

A solution to help in delivering secure delegation of privileged access is discussed in this paper.

Top ten IT systems management pain points

Supplied by Kaseya on 04 April, 2013

Managing the IT infrastructure for a mid-sized company is a thankless job. People don't always understand the expertise, time and patience required. This white paper presents the top ten IT management pain points and a possible solution for making your life easier.

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