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The Technology Decisions Resource Library contains white papers, eBooks, webcasts, videos and technical papers to help you manage and solve work related problems. Select from a variety of application and technology related subjects, supplied by market-leading vendors or written by our editorial team.

Proactive risk management made easy

Supplied by INX Software Pty Ltd on 30 September, 2020

Learn about proactive risk management measures that you can take to safeguard your employees. Discover next-gen technology that can be leveraged to enable you to make safer decisions.

Edge computing tips for next-level infrastructure

Supplied by Schneider Electric on 29 September, 2020

Learn about a new model that involves an integrated ecosystem of cooperative partners, vendors and end users. Discover how this ecosystem can solve your edge computing infrastructure challenges.

The top 10 reasons hackers love employees — an infographic

Supplied by on 20 August, 2020

Learn about what your organisation is neglecting to help the hackers win.

Your business continuity planning guide for payroll

Supplied by Frontier Software Pty Ltd on 16 July, 2020

Learn about the likely triggers to activating a payroll business continuity plan and the content an organisation should include when developing their plan.

Should I host my software myself, or trust the cloud after all?

Supplied by on 22 May, 2020

Examine the advantages and disadvantages behind both solutions. Discover the myths that surround the cloud. Learn how the cloud solution is successfully put into practice leveraging condition monitoring.

Advanced network architecture tips for your competitive edge

Supplied by on 22 May, 2020

Learn how hybrid IT and interconnection to rich ecosystems will help your enterprise regain control over its networking.

540 expert IT insights on network security

Supplied by Extreme Networks on 09 April, 2020

Discover what industry leaders thought about security awareness and perception, security practices, IoT security and network access control security

Your warehouse of the future — an APAC study

Supplied by Zebra Technologies on 09 April, 2020

Learn about the technological advances that are set to revolutionise your industry.

20 private cloud myth busters

Supplied by Nutanix on 11 March, 2020

Examine 20 of the most asked questions about the private cloud. Discover how to develop a highly customisable model that delivers stellar security and control.

6 must-do’s for a best-in-breed private cloud — an eBook

Supplied by Nutanix on 12 February, 2020

Learn why businesses are trending towards a hybrid cloud solution to address their unique challenges and how to build a hybrid cloud-ready on-premises architecture.

The Experience Economy — how will it impact your IT team?

Supplied by Poly on 27 November, 2019

Examine valuable insights that emerged from these sessions. Discover the top five foreseeable impacts on your IT department.

Next-gen organisation charting maximises IT insights

Supplied by Frontier Software Pty Ltd on 25 October, 2019

Learn how to leverage cloud-based organisation charting software and maximise the vision of your IT department.

How to safeguard student data for the future

Supplied by Veeam Pty Ltd on 25 October, 2019

Explore the challenges that the modern school is facing in safeguarding their data and cover key considerations for IT professionals.

How to transform your organisation with DaaS and cut your costs

Supplied by Promethium on 21 October, 2019

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is be a potential game changer for all organisations, enabling you to have greater control over your assets, workforce and costs.

A dummies guide to data protection by numbers — an eBook

Supplied by Veeam Pty Ltd on 21 October, 2019

Quantitative metrics allow you to compare a range of availability and protection alternatives objectively, without the bias of experience or preconceptions or vendor preference. Examine each of the three data protection languages to help you empathise, communicate and collaborate with various teams within your organisation.

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