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How the public sector can profit from digital experience platforms

Supplied by Liferay Australia Pty Ltd on 09 June, 2016

The Australian public sector faces a combination of severe budget constraints, growing demand, innovation in technology and the mainstream adoption of digital communication channels. Government requires technology that can collate citizens’ experiences across all levels of government and channels of interaction to shift from transactional functions to citizen-centric lifecycle management.

Manage every customer interaction with digital experience platforms

Supplied by Liferay Australia Pty Ltd on 09 June, 2016

Download this white paper to read how digital experience platforms can break down silos and bring together data and channels in a way that can be shared among business units, and ultimately deliver digital transformation that produces exceptional customer experience.

How to maximise the benefits of your broadcast technology

Supplied by Black Box Australia Pty Ltd on 02 June, 2016

KVM systems, once an occasional tool for set-up and troubleshooting, are now a critical infrastructure item used every moment of the day. They provide that vital link between operations staff and the technologies used to create and distribute content.

The negative impacts of DC virtualisation — how to rectify

Supplied by Schneider Electric IT Business on 02 June, 2016

IT virtualisation can have significant consequences on a data centre's physical infrastructure. Cooling capabilities are challenged, downtime risk can rise and reduced power consumption can actually worsen a DC's power usage effectiveness if not managed correctly.

How to solve 7 critical security problems with ETM

Supplied by Blue Coat Systems Australia Pty Ltd on 25 May, 2016

As the use of SSL/TLS encrypted communications grows, so does risk due to hidden threats. To minimise risk, businesses deploy next-gen firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, anti-malware technologies and other solutions. All these solutions, however, cannot uncover malware inside encrypted traffic without slowing the network, adding complexity and increasing cost.

How to harness IoT for profit and efficiency

Supplied by Advantech Australia Pty Ltd on 25 May, 2016

In 2016, targeting IoT and utilising advanced technology is a key strategy for future business growth. To reap the most value, a solid IoT gateway solution is critical to harnessing your data flow and eliminating the latest IoT application challenges.

How to simplify network management and save costs

Supplied by Allied Telesis International (Aust) Pty Ltd on 23 May, 2016

Software-defined networking technology is changing how networks operate. More flexible and dynamic networks are allowing organisations to simplify network management, improve security, enhance user experience and save costs.

Software-defined networking — the future of network management?

Supplied by Allied Telesis International (Aust) Pty Ltd on 23 May, 2016

Data networking is evolving rapidly. As technology improves, user expectations increase, and new solutions are required. Software-defined networking (SDN) is now providing solutions to allow these new requirements to be fulfilled.

The 10 greatest mistakes to make with collaboration

Supplied by Citrix Online on 13 May, 2016

Collaboration is all the rage among corporate executives these days. There are multiple hurdles in your path, however, before you can genuinely collaborate effectively.

Encrypted traffic management for dummies — an eBook

Supplied by Blue Coat Systems Australia Pty Ltd on 04 May, 2016

This eBook provides easy-to-understand steps to manage your encrypted traffic. Learn how to uncover hidden threats within SSL encrypted traffic, control SSL to maintain data security and user privacy, and deploy high-performance SSL visibility appliances.

4 groundbreaking advantages of IP-based video walls

Supplied by Black Box Australia Pty Ltd on 14 April, 2016

Video walls are virtually guaranteed to stop consumers in their tracks and catch their attention. Traditionally, a PC or media player had to be directly attached to the screens to deliver content. Now, IP video walls are accessible via a network — allowing content to be delivered quickly and easily, anywhere, anytime.

10 problem-solving strategies for government organisations

Supplied by SAS Institute Inc on 13 April, 2016

If your government department is collecting data of any kind, you are in prime position to create a smarter city. This data is a golden resource that, if used correctly, can make neighbourhoods safer, your budget leaner and services better.

Virtualised mission-critical disaster recovery: 10 questions you need to know

Supplied by Zerto on 13 April, 2016

Virtual IT infrastructures are now common place. A critical hurdle, however, remains in virtual disaster recovery (DR). Many traditional DR solutions are unable to deal with or adapt to the demands created by a virtual paradigm.

Turn economic turbulence into competitive edge — 30 best practices

Supplied by Citrix Online on 08 April, 2016

Economic uncertainty is a common concern plaguing businesses today. With a rapidly changing economy creating risks for almost every business, it's critical that companies manage this change effectively.

Big data analytics deliver smart government decisions

Supplied by SAS Institute Inc on 08 April, 2016

Big data analysis has led to smart government decisions, large productivity increases and improved service delivery. Critical for these successes, however, is the need for a skilful, well-thought-out analytics program.

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