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The Technology Decisions Resource Library contains white papers, eBooks, webcasts, videos and technical papers to help you manage and solve work related problems. Select from a variety of application and technology related subjects, supplied by market-leading vendors or written by our editorial team.

Discover the latest DDoS attack trends

Supplied by A10 Networks Australia Pty Ltd on 05 November, 2015

DDoS attacks are skyrocketing in frequency and scale. 81% of incidents are multi-vector threats and botnets are getting smarter. Your vendor must now ensure that they can scale to mitigate the largest multi-vector attacks at your network's edge.

6 wireless IT strategies for a superior customer experience

Supplied by Zebra Technologies on 30 October, 2015

To provide a premium shopper experience, wireless networks now need to be designed to excel in the new connected retail environment.

The M-Trends report 2015: cutting-edge cybersecurity research

Supplied by FireEye on 23 October, 2015

The M-Trends report for 2015 provides unique insight and analysis on how attackers' motives and tactics are changing. From the collation of hundreds of critical security incidents over 30 industries, it is evident that organisations allow attackers to linger far too long in compromised environments.

Optimise workplace collaboration with UC technology

Supplied by Ricoh Office Automation on 23 October, 2015

Companies must invest in the right infrastructure, platforms and devices or risk becoming disconnected in an increasingly-connected world. Unified communications (UC) technology is emerging as a critical element in the mobile space for more efficient workplace collaboration.

How power, growth and cost will change data centres

Supplied by Eaton Industries Pty Ltd on 21 October, 2015

In an era when the cost of powering venues like data centres completely eclipses other costs, data centre operators and customers need to think of efficiency as well as availability and performance. The aim must be to create better data centre density that makes more intelligent use of scarce resources and provides the best return out of what is an increasingly critical and heavy investment for many organisations.

Prefabricated DC selection – the 3 point framework

Supplied by Schneider Electric IT Business on 15 October, 2015

Prefabricated modular data centres vary in function, form and configuration. Selecting the right type, however, has traditionally been difficult due to the lack of standard terminology to distinguish them apart.

Advance your SSO strategy to meet changing business needs

Supplied by Dell Software Pty Ltd on 06 October, 2015

Single sign-on (SSO) has long been the go-to technology to ensure convenient password synchronisation, replay and security. The move towards more web-based access methods, however, makes it difficult for yesterday's SSO solution to meet today's evolving application requirements.

Cut DC costs without compromising efficiency

Supplied by Eaton Industries Pty Ltd on 18 September, 2015

Multi-tenant data centres are opening in record numbers. Facilities, now more than ever, must maintain extremely high levels of energy efficiency to remain competitive. There are many hurdles that can make meeting this goal difficult, however.

Pre-plan your response to a critical security incident

Supplied by FireEye on 18 September, 2015

Considering that 96% of standard defence-in-depth systems have been breached, data violation is seemingly inevitable. It is now about how you will respond when it occurs. The business with the well-designed incident response plan is better off than the business without one.

The 5 most dangerous threats to your data centre today

Supplied by A10 Networks Australia Pty Ltd on 01 September, 2015

Possessing the most valuable and visible property of your organisation — your web, DNS, database and email servers — data centres have become the number one target of cybercriminals, hacktivists and state-sponsored attackers.

Stop breaches of government data – 4 strategies

Supplied by Nuix Pty Ltd on 28 August, 2015

The high value of personal information and the ease of its marketability has led to Australian government organisations being heavily targeted for cybercrime. The Australian public service must now adopt new security disciplines to combat the inevitable breach and protect high-value and high-risk data.

Two-factor authentication – 5 points you need to know

Supplied by Dell Software Pty Ltd on 28 August, 2015

Once you have decided to implement two-factor authentication, what is the next step? With the multitude of solutions available in the market today, how do you know which is going to be right for your organisation?

Keep a step ahead in the malware marathon

Supplied by Seccom Global Pty Ltd on 28 August, 2015

The ever-expanding list of malware is forever evolving. Traditional security software only prevents 45% of current attacks. Now, to minimise the impact of successful breaches, every organisation needs to be prepared to defend, detect and respond at machine speed — relying on humans is no longer possible.

Select the co-location facility that will optimise your business

Supplied by Eaton Industries Pty Ltd on 26 August, 2015

Selecting the right co-location facility can be a challenging task with a number of considerations — there is more that goes into a data centre than racks of servers. What’s more, with today’s reliance on virtualisation and converged infrastructure, the local co-location that seems like the best, most convenient choice may present overlooked legal ramifications that can be costly in the long term.

Avoid arc flash hazards, injuries and regulatory fines

Supplied by Schneider Electric IT Business on 20 August, 2015

Most data centre operators are less familiar with arc flash safety when compared to fire safety and shock hazard protection. A recent increase in awareness around arc flash hazards, due to the number of injuries and deaths, has led to an escalation of regulatory enforcement and fines for data centre owners. Three IT trends have increased the severity of a potential arc flash in the IT space: larger data centre capacities, greater rack densities and higher efficiency designs.

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