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Thinkpiece: Do we really need ‘the cloud’?

02 September, 2011 by Andrew Collins

Nowadays, ‘the cloud’ is a term that’s widely misused. It’s a broad, abstract concept that is frequently applied to many technologies, as though they were the same thing, despite each being radically different from the other. This leads to great confusion and frustration among users, who are growing increasingly cynical of the real value of cloud computing. This begs the question: do we really need the concept of ‘the cloud’?

Big data and cloud computing skills shortages

29 July, 2011 by Merri Mack

With the rapid explosion of data volumes occuring around the globe, the IT industry is scrambling for qualified workers to handle the challenges that arise. Merri Mack takes a look at the cloud and ‘big data’ storage certification programs that vendors and universities have to offer.

EMC VPLEX Geo virtual storage technology

20 June, 2011 by

VPLEX virtual storage technology federates data located on multiple storage systems - EMC and non-EMC - allowing the storage resources in multiple data centres to be pooled together and accessed anywhere. When combined with virtual servers, it is a critical enabler of private and hybrid cloud computing and the delivery of IT as a flexible, efficient and resilient service.

Australia the biggest adopter of cloud computing in Asia-Pacific

26 May, 2011

Australia is the lead adopter of cloud computing in the Asia-Pacific region, with almost half using cloud computing, according to a new research paper from Frost & Sullivan. The company predicts that cloud-related spending will continue to increase.

Cloud computing infrastructure for small business

24 May, 2011 by Bennett Oprysa*

Small businesses sometimes have difficulty building in-house IT infrastructure to match their business requirements, for a variety of reasons, including budget and a lack of IT expertise. Cloud computing presents an alternative to in-house solutions, offering the expertise of a company that specialises in a particular application, plus an on-demand payment model. *Bennett Oprysa, CEO of Bucan Holdings, explains how cloud computing works and the benefits it can bring.

Brocade 16 Gbps Fibre Channel fabric portfolio

19 May, 2011 by

The Brocade portfolio of 16 Gbps fibre channel fabric solutions can be used to assist enterprise users to migrate smoothly to private cloud architectures. It includes DCX 8510 Backbone, the Brocade 6510 Switch, the Brocade 1860 Fabric Adapter, Brocade Network Advisor 11.1 management software and the Brocade Fabric OS 7.0 operating system. The products are based on the next-generation Fibre Channel industry standard FC-PI-5.

IBM Virtual Server Services (VSS) enterprise-class virtual IT infrastructure

17 May, 2011 by

IBM Virtual Server Services (VSS) utilise the flexibility and efficiency of the cloud, hosted in Australian-based Tier 3 data centres with 24-hour support to help meet regulatory and risk-management requirements, including those of banks and government agencies.

How to choose a cloud computing provider

16 May, 2011 by Andrew Collins

Keen on the cloud but worried about the security of cloud computing - specifically, putting your data in the cloud? Andrew Collins talks to McAfee about what you should know before you pick a cloud service provider, to avoid losing control of your data.

Cloud Foundry open platform as a service (PaaS)

16 May, 2011 by

Cloud Foundry, claimed to be the industry’s first open platform as a service (PaaS), is designed specifically for cloud computing environments and is delivered as a service from enterprise data centres and public cloud service providers.

My dog is a cloud

12 May, 2011

Often in ICT, the realities of a technology become obscured by a fog of hype. Joseph Sweeney, analyst at IBRS, believes that cloud computing has suffered this fate. In this humorous and insightful piece, Sweeney renders his verdict on some of the more common assumptions about the technology.

Getting cloud computing right

02 May, 2011 by Andrew Collins

Cloud computing is a concept surrounded by misinformation. But used correctly, it can be of great benefit to your organisation. Analyst Joe Sweeney dispels the misconceptions and explains how to best approach the cloud.

Private clouds, flat earth and unicorns

07 April, 2011 by Peter Coffee*

The cloud is the subject of many thoughtful and insightful articles. Salesforce knows a little about the cloud having been one of the first to offer cloud services so Salesforce’s Peter Coffee is qualified to set us straight on ‘private cloud’.

Oracle Sun Fire x86 clustered systems

14 March, 2011 by

Sun Fire x86 clustered systems can be used to enhance enterprise systems for virtualised and private cloud deployments.

Hewlett-Packard 3PAR utility storage

10 March, 2011 by

HP has announced the integration of 3PAR utility storage to simplify scalable cloud computing and has introduced storage solutions for virtualisation and data deduplication.

Is your ‘cloud’ delivering the expected performance?

07 March, 2011

Cloud services are all the rage now and becoming increasingly so, but how do you actually measure performance? Daryl Cornelius, Director Enterprise EMEA, Spirent Communications, asks: How do you know until you test it? What are the complexities of measuring virtual systems?

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