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HP IT performance services

05 March, 2012

HP has expanded its IT Performance Suite of software with Service Integration and Management services. Designed in response to the trend of ‘supplier sprawl’, HP’s Service Integration and Management offering aims to enable enterprises to integrate, manage and govern complex multivendor environments to optimise the IT supply chain, improve service performance and reduce risks and costs.

The impact of the Megaupload shutdown on cloud computing in business

24 February, 2012 by Albert Y Zomaya, The University of Sydney

The recent shutdown of file-sharing website Megaupload has created a sense of unease surrounding cloud-based storage. Companies are questioning the wisdom of relying on these services, which could seemingly collapse at a moment’s notice. According to Albert Y Zomaya, The University of Sydney, companies that shy away from the cloud are potentially missing out, especially given the advances the cloud is about to go through.

DreamWorks implements HP systems for Puss in Boots

20 February, 2012

DreamWorks Animation SKG used hundreds of high-performance workstations, backed up by five server farms, to produce the company’s most technically advanced film to date, Puss in Boots.

Cloud computing will create new business models in 2012

17 February, 2012

A convergence of cloud computing trends will create new business models for Australian businesses in 2012, according to analyst firm Frost & Sullivan. Executives across all industries are urged to assess how their companies might be affected by developments from tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook.

Disadvantages of the cloud and how to overcome them

22 December, 2011

The cloud promises to liberate organisations from the limitations of traditional IT infrastructure. Here, Oracle’s Marc Caltabiano argues that early cloud solutions have created new computing silos that actually impose new limits on organisations. He suggests that organisations must take a more nuanced view of the cloud to get the most from a cloud strategy.

Infrastructure as a service helps Village Roadshow cope with data growth

13 December, 2011

Village Roadshow has moved to the cloud with an IaaS model to cope with its massive data growth.

Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability 6.0 for Windows Server failover

12 December, 2011

Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability 6.0 for Windows is designed to help organisations rapidly failover Windows Server applications.

CA Cloud 360 helps cloud service migration

08 December, 2011

Cloud 360 provides enterprises with a prescriptive approach to validate and select which applications and business services are best suited to private, public and hybrid clouds or traditional models.

Voice+Data wins Cover of the Year award

07 December, 2011

Voice+Data last month earned the award of Cover of the Year for B2B magazines, at the Publishers Australia Excellence Awards. The magazine won the award for the ‘My Dog is a Cloud’ illustration, featured on the cover of the May 2011 issue.

OzHub to raise cloud profile in Australia

14 November, 2011 by Merri Mack

Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr recently launched OzHub, a cloud initiative with the aim of building “Australian consumer and business confidence in cloud computing”. Merri Mack takes a closer look at OzHub and its potential impact on cloud computing in Australia.

Getting a grip

04 November, 2011 by Merri Mack

In his eleven years at TechnologyOne, IT Manager Andrew Bauer has seen the IT team grow from just two members to a team that supports the company’s current staff of 850 people. Merri Mack talks to Bauer about the challenges of getting a hold of something relatively intangible - such as the cloud - and using it to create real-world benefits for the business.

Aussie cloud services revenues to quadruple by 2015

21 September, 2011

Increased interest in the cloud across all sizes of business will continue to fuel the cloud computing service market in Australia, with revenues in Australia set to quadruple by 2015.

Small business latches onto cloud computing

19 September, 2011 by Merri Mack

Cloud computing is offering small business the applications and IT concepts that were previously exclusive to large enterprises, like disaster recovery and data resiliency. Merri Mack reports on this flattening of IT.

The telco cloud invasion

07 September, 2011 by Andrew Collins

Australian telcos have begun ramping up their cloud service offerings in earnest, as part of a larger war effort to sequester a piece of the cloud services pie for themselves. So what does this mean for IT departments looking at adopting cloud solutions? Andrew Collins finds out.

Adopting the cloud without compromising security

07 September, 2011

The cloud promises many advantages - dynamic allocation of resources, CAPEX-based pricing and so on. But so far, there are no widely accepted standards for security in a cloud environment, leading some organisations to be wary of the technology. Patrick Eijkenboom, Principal Consultant at NetIQ, discusses best practices for security when adopting cloud computing.

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