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Resourcing the ICT industry

30 July, 2013 by Elizabeth Rudd, Director, FutureNous

The ICT industry has three areas of resource usage which currently provide opportunities for the industry to lessen its environmental impact: overall energy usage, electronic waste and rare earth metals. How these areas are managed impacts the industry’s future.

How green is my strategy?

17 July, 2013 by Anthony Caruana

Very few business decisions are now made without some consideration of the environmental impact. But decision makers are also sick of the ‘greenwash’ that is applied to almost every product and service. Is green a big issue or just more hype?

Slaying the green IT monster - gamification as the future of energy conservation

15 January, 2013 by Andrew Collins

With electricity prices reportedly set to rise faster than inflation in the long term, organisations are looking for new ways to encourage employees to cut down their electricity usage. Gamification - the application of game mechanics like levels and experience points to non-game contexts - may provide an answer to reducing end-user power consumption.

The data centre of the next decade

25 October, 2012 by Anthony Caruana

We are in the middle of the third great revolution of technology delivery. The ages of the mainframe and the PC are quite dead. Anthony Caruana looks to the future and ponders the question: what will your data centre look like in 2025?

Pronto Software carbon tracking tool

16 July, 2012

Pronto Software has launched a carbon tracking application that allows users to monitor carbon consumption and output across a range of business operations and sectors.

Lexmark joins Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP)

18 June, 2012

Lexmark International today announced it has joined the Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) as a founding member. As a member of ANZRP, Lexmark will be compliant with the federal government’s new National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, due to begin in July 2012.

Data centre scene heats up with introduction of carbon pricing

17 June, 2012 by Merri Mack

With the impending introduction of Australia’s carbon tax on 1 July, the data centre and its escalating running costs are coming under the spotlight. Contributor Merri Mack reports on a recent VMware oblong table discussion on what the carbon price will mean for Australian organisations.

Schneider Electric EnergySTEP Data Centre Assessment service

15 June, 2012

The EnergySTEP Data Centre Assessment is a customisable assessment of the power, cooling, physical infrastructure and operational efficiencies of a data centre, which allows data centre managers to benchmark the performance of their facility against industry standards such as the Green Grid Data Centre Maturity Model.

Brisbane data centre judged Australia’s greenest

31 May, 2012

The iseek Communications Data Centre, located at Brisbane Airport, has won the WSP Award for Best Sustainable Development - New Buildings, at the Property Council of Australia/Rider Levett Bucknall Innovations and Excellence Awards 2012. The data centre has achieved a Green Grid power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.3 - one of the lowest power usage indexes in Australia.

University of Michigan reveals eco-friendly data centre

30 May, 2012

The North American University of Michigan has revealed its Modular Data Center (MDC), which it has labelled an eco-friendly data centre. The data centre, which houses equipment in a unit the size of several shipping containers, is different to most data centres in that it uses outdoor air to cool equipment, instead of expensive, industrial air conditioners.

Government carbon schemes ignore ICT

15 March, 2012

The Australian government’s schemes to move to a low-carbon economy ignore the potential role of ICT in reducing carbon emissions, the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) warned today.

How to assess the carbon footprint of your storage arrays

28 November, 2011 by Clive Gold, Vice-Chair, SNIA ANZ

With the government finally putting a price on carbon, IT managers around Australia will now have to pay close attention to the efficiency of their storage arrays. Clive Gold, Vice-Chair of SNIA ANZ, explains the rationale behind the association’s new Emerald program, and how you can use it to assess the impact of the carbon price on your own equipment.

Businesses don’t see benefits of going green

01 September, 2011

Most companies are not taking action to make their operations more sustainable, believing such ‘green’ activity to be a burden on the business, and are missing out on the benefits of sustainability in the process.

National e-waste scheme a step closer

20 June, 2011

Australia may soon have a national e-waste recycling scheme, with the passing of a Product Stewardship Bill in the Senate last week.

How to make your data centre greener

08 February, 2011

Overseeing the green data centre program in Digital Realty Trust facilities around the world has given Jim Smith the opportunity to speak at numerous data centre conferences, share case studies about energy-efficiency initiatives in facilities, and offer advice about best practices for making data centres greener and more sustainable. Smith has gained valuable insights from attendees in the best practices for greener data centres, which he shares with Voice&Data.

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