IT Management

A fundamental shift in security

01 April, 2010

For a number of years, the security industry built effective defences from security threats using technologies including firewalls, anti-virus software and intrusion prevention systems. However, today, the majority of security threats have moved to the web instead of through email, and attackers’ techniques have matured. This shift, coupled with the proliferation of collaborative Web 2.0 sites, has changed the threat landscape and the way businesses need to think about security. Websense’s Adam Bradley walks us through the changing landscape.

Walk the talk

01 April, 2010

When ADC Krone talks the talk, it’s not just talking about quality and being environmentally responsible. It’s actually doing it and being able to demonstrate that it walks the talk, as Mike Hanahoe, director, Global Connectivity Solutions Asia-Pacific, explains.

Improving data centre efficiency

01 April, 2010

Clearly, improved electrical efficiency within the IT room - the ‘greening of the data center’ - is now a priority. APC’s Gordon Makryllos outlines why data centres are so energy inefficient and offers practical tips that they can use to become ‘green’.

Cooling tough economic times

01 April, 2010

The global financial crisis is the focus of almost everyone’s attention. Its effect on the ICT sector remains uncertain; however, it has taken the impetus off ‘going green’. Server Racks Australia’s Simon Dunphy elaborates on ways to move forward in the server room and data centre in times of reduced budgets and the need for increased efficiencies while also going green.

Google sponsors innovation award for computer science

22 March, 2010

Google Australia sponsors new innovation award for computer science.

IT industry set to benefit from global life science solution spending

22 March, 2010

The global life science industry is forecast to spend nearly $17 billion on commercial IT solutions this year (2010) as it seeks to address issues blighting the sector, according to independent technology analyst Ovum. This presents a massive opportunity for IT providers to move into a sector far behind other industries in the adoption of commercial IT solutions.

Maintaining electronic records key for legal firms

12 March, 2010

Regulatory compliance and meeting regulator requests for electronic records remain key challenges to the Australian legal corporate counsel.

Kathmandu scales the heights with Pronto

10 March, 2010

Kathmandu is an iconic outdoor equipment and clothing retailer that has been helping travellers reach the summit of their adventures for more than 20 years. The brand is synonymous with quality, functional design and rugged high performance.

We’re waiting and waiting for a national e-health network

08 March, 2010

The Federal Government first announced its plans for an all-encompassing national e-health network midway through the naughties. Fast-forward to 2010 and Australia is still waiting. Andrew Collins takes a look at the e-health roadblocks and the consequences of a long development time.

Challenging the status quo for data centres

01 March, 2010 by Merri Mack

Voice&Data interviewed Greg Boorer, Founder and Managing Director of the state-of-the art data centre Canberra Data Centres, and found out that he is a passionate advocate of running a smart, green data centre for the benefit of his clients.

Thriving on diversity

01 March, 2010 by Merri Mack

Voice&Data found that nib health fund’s Chief Operating and Technology Officer, Melanie Kneale, thrives on the diversity of her role which covers human resources as well as technology. The dual roles are a good combination as Kneale has the ability to get things done because the key levers of HR and IT fall into the same area of operations and everything related to execution reports to her so the goals are aligned.

Hyundai’s printing system makes eco-sense

25 February, 2010

Throughout its 20 years in the Australian automotive market, Hyundai has continued to evolve itself and its market offering to reflect the company name, a Korean translation for ‘modern era’. It is a company that reflects the spirit of innovation fostered and celebrated since its inception.

Download speeds not up to scratch

25 February, 2010

Broadband providers deliver less than half of quoted download speeds.

IBM Power7 systems

24 February, 2010

The IBM Power7 systems are designed to manage demanding emerging applications, from smart electrical grids to real-time analytics for financial markets, and have increased capabilities in virtualisation, energy savings and cost-efficient use of memory.

GlobalConnect Managed Services

23 February, 2010

GlobalConnect Managed Services make it easier for companies to adapt to changing business conditions while managing a predictable IT budget and accessing expert knowledge and processes.

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