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Cochlear's edge in agile information governance

18 May, 2015

Cochlear Limited has realised a competitive edge in agile information governance through an enterprise content management suite that combines collaboration and innovation with efficiency.

Will Windows 10 be the straw that breaks IT's back?

15 May, 2015 by Tom Canning, Vice-President, APAC, Flexera Software

As Windows 10 and its as-a-service approach comes closer, enterprises should equip themselves to manage this new paradigm or pay the price in inefficiency and unavailability of critical business tools.

Australian businesses need to bridge the ERP gap

13 May, 2015

Research released this week indicates that Australian organisations are not using enterprise resource planning (ERP) to its full potential, with 66% of CIOs believing their organisations are using less than half of the features of ERP systems.

Next-generation BPM thinking

30 April, 2015

Business process management (BPM) initiatives today lack a focus on delivering successful business outcomes - instead, they get too caught up with point-based solutions.

Microsoft calls Windows 10 launch a "marketing activity"

28 April, 2015 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

Microsoft has classified its upcoming Windows 10 launch as a "marketing and promotional activity" to avoid having to defer revenue from existing sales of Windows 8.1.

Break down silos with app-aware performance management

24 April, 2015

Unscheduled IT downtime can cost large organisations in excess of $1 million per hour, and traditional IT performance monitoring tools are poorly suited to addressing the problem.

Transforming the future with BPM

20 April, 2015 by Andrew Collins

According to the experts, modern business process management optimisation initiatives must become faster than in years past, and such projects are becoming increasingly digital (and robotic).

Proprietary vs open source - which should you choose?

15 April, 2015 by Andrew Timms, Senior Sales Manager APAC, Paessler AG

The low initial cost of implementing open source software is very appealing to IT managers, but sticking with proprietary software can often be the better way to go, argues Paessler AG's Andrew Timms.

Know exactly how much a network application performance solution can save you

02 April, 2015

When you make a decision to invest in a new technology, you take into consideration all of its benefits and the return on investment for acquiring it. It shouldn’t be any different when you are thinking about deploying a new network application performance solution.

Sage Point&Claim mobile app

02 April, 2015

Sage's Point&Claim mobile app enables hassle-free expense claims through optical character recognition technology that extracts information on receipts and maps it to relevant tax return categories.

Can your business afford to pay for preventable downtime?

13 February, 2015

With a focus on improving the end-user’s experience, downtime is very expensive for any business, so effective troubleshooting is of paramount importance.

Identify and improve performance for key customer journeys to increase your revenue

19 December, 2014

Most companies today measure customer experience at specific touch points, but they tend to overlook the whole customer journey. Increasing satisfaction across the entire customer journey provides greater opportunity for revenue growth and decreased churn.

The changing requirements of application delivery solutions

10 December, 2014 by Gary Ballabio*

The most important step an enterprise can take to ensure that they are able to effectively capitalise on the changing requirements of application delivery is to understand the types of solution providers available, says Akamai's Gary Ballabio.

Unified IT monitoring can improve productivity by up to 20%

01 December, 2014

Almost half of the organisations today use five or more tools to monitor their infrastructure. This inexplicable redundancy inevitably leads to deterioration in performance, availability and service delivery, forcing customers to look for products and services elsewhere.

Improve service quality and reduce costs by implementing a monitoring solution for your IT resources

09 October, 2014

Proactive management of IT resources can be achieved only when the right information is in place - by continuous monitoring of device health and performance.

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