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Innovation and security: the challenges of generative AI for enterprises

01 April, 2024 by John Hopping, Senior Manager, Sales Engineering Asia Pacific, Cradlepoint

GenAI can be a double-edged sword, and organisations need to tread carefully when assessing security risk, especially when it comes to data protection.

Corporate race to use AI puts public at risk: study

07 March, 2024

The rush by Australian companies to use GenAI is escalating the privacy and security risks to the public as well as to staff and customers, according to a new study.

Strategic cybersecurity is compliant by design

06 November, 2023 by Mark Jones, Senior Partner, Tesserent

Compliance should be the by-product of systems and processes that are designed from the outset to be secure.

Generational differences in cybersecurity habits

24 October, 2023

A study designed to understand consumer attitudes and perceptions on cybersecurity has uncovered generational differences in protection practices.

ConnectID launches digital ID network

16 October, 2023

Australian Payments Plus (AP+) has launched its digital identity solution, ConnectID, offering protection against fraud and identity theft.

How automation will bolster cybersecurity in Australia

01 August, 2023 by Mark Fioretto, Area Vice President and Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, UiPath

AI-powered automation can limit errors caused by human intervention, reduce human exposure to sensitive data and reduce the cost of a data breach.

Building digital trust key to stemming rise in attacks

24 July, 2023 by Charlene Loo, Managing Director, BSI Australia and New Zealand

In today's landscape, how do organisations reassure customers, stakeholders and wider society that they can be trusted to secure and protect data?

Orro launches National Cyber Defence Centre

21 July, 2023

Orro has launched a National Cyber Defence Centre (NCDC) to safeguard organisations against evolving cyberthreats.

Data collection: why Australian firms are dialling back

17 July, 2023 by Ashley Diffey, Vice President Sales APAC and Japan at Ping Identity

Attitudes towards data collection and privacy have shifted, with organisations changing the way they collect PII data and establish customer identity.

Security stack complexity a resource drain

12 July, 2023 by Fabio Fratucello, Field CTO, International, CrowdStrike

Organisations relying on an overly complex and disjointed array of security technologies can be exposed to greater cyber risk.

The role of AI in data protection

07 July, 2023 by Mike Zachman, Chief Security Officer, Zebra Technologies

Using AI to automate processes strengthens a data-driven security approach and bolsters protection, while maintaining data privacy.

OAIC calls for early Privacy Awareness Week sign-up

03 July, 2023

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner is calling for organisations to sign up early for Privacy Awareness Week 2024.

Why aligning cybersecurity to business objectives works

28 June, 2023

Cyber transformers demonstrate that they are better equipped to drive successful business outcomes by aligning cybersecurity programs.

Data in flight is a slept-on data sovereignty concern

21 June, 2023 by Mike Hicks, Principal Solutions Analyst, Cisco ThousandEyes

In complex distributed environments, dynamic but suboptimal data routing decisions made by service providers can create risk for customers.

Thwarting cloud attacks with gold standard security

08 June, 2023 by Josh Lemon, certified instructor and course author, SANS Institute

To ensure security, it's imperative that organisations build security expertise and capabilities in-house, as well as rely on external providers.

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