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Data centre markets optimistic for 2011

15 December, 2010

The Biannual Emerson Network Power study says the ICT infrastructure pipeline is set to grow and capital expenditure is also on the rise. So the Asian data centre is optimistic for 2011.

IBM Portable Modular Data Centre

06 December, 2010

The IBM Portable Modular Data Centre (PMDC) is a compact, portable, fully functional and high-density capable data centre ‘in-a-box’. It is designed for users requiring immediate additional computing capacity in remote or temporary locations, such as mining and resource companies.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center

02 December, 2010

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center simplifies hardware management in traditional, virtualised and cloud-based data centre environments; and is claimed to reduce hardware management costs by up to 90% through a converged approach to managing Sun hardware environments.

Hitachi Ultrastar solid-state drives

02 December, 2010

The Ultrastar solid-state drive (SSD) family are claimed to be the first SAS and FC enterprise-class SSDs and are suitable for those using tiered storage as a method of managing the escalating performance, capacity, endurance and reliability requirements of data centres. The family is available in 100, 200 and 400 GB capacities, featuring both 2.5 6 Gbps serial attached SCSI (SAS) and 3.5 4 Gbps Fibre Channel interfaces.

APC by Schneider PowerChute Business Edition 9.0 UPS software

02 December, 2010

PowerChute Business Edition 9.0 (UPS) is claimed to be the first uninterruptable power supply (UPS) software to provide energy reporting for IT equipment. It provides APC safe system shutdown and UPS management users with energy, cost and CO2 emissions reporting by each individual smart-UPS system.

Power IQ 2.0 energy management software

25 November, 2010

Power IQ 2.0 energy management software can be used to help conserve energy in data centres. It provides thermal analytics for monitoring rack temperatures based on industry guidelines, enabling users to increase temperature to meet recommendations; alert users if temperature exceeds threshold conditions; and, provide long-term trend charts. It also enables graceful shutdown of under-utilised Windows and Linux servers.

Hewlett-Packard Just Right IT server storage and networking range

25 November, 2010

The Just Right IT portfolio includes a server and storage and networking products designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Bankwest first customer in data centre in Perth

24 November, 2010

Bankwest has signed up to be the first customer in Fujitsu's Perth advanced data centre.

True vendor partnerships key to TAFE’s success

08 November, 2010

The Box Hill TAFE in Victoria, through its entrepreneurial relationships with leading vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, Apple and APC, provides students with the opportunity to study at specialised academies within the TAFE. Chris Tayler*, the acting CIO, has the responsibility of ensuring the 24/7 operation is accessible for students across three metropolitan campuses plus many more international sites such as Fiji, Samoa and Kuwait.

Best practices for keeping your data centre cool this summer

01 November, 2010 by John Jakovcevic*

Data centres need a constant environment to operate efficiently. The right room design and the air-conditioning equipment will go a long way towards achieving this. There are also a number of best practices that can be applied in any data centre that will help to keep the equipment cool this summer. Eight of these practices are included in this article.

Data centre facility expansion for North Ryde

26 October, 2010

Macquarie Telecom is to invest $60 million in a new data centre at North Ryde.

Keeping enough power to data centres a key issue

08 October, 2010 by Merri Mack

It doesn’t depend on size or location, but wherever a data centre is you can be sure one of the main concerns of the operators is that they have enough power to keep servicing their clients. With data centres consuming around 2% of all power in the US and similar amounts in other countries, the race is on to guarantee sufficient power, reports Merri Mack.

High-density computing aids animation for movie

01 October, 2010

The stunning 3D imagery seen in the new movie Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole was developed by Sydney-based animation and visual effects studio Animal Logic. This was achieved with a range of state-of-the-art HP technologies, including HP BladeSystems, HP workstations and HP DreamColor Professional Displays. The movie was released in cinemas across Australia and New Zealand at the end of last month.

Overcoming data centre challenges saves money

30 September, 2010 by Steve Dixon*

Data centre consolidation, and occasionally migration, consumes significant time and resources and is fraught with risk. Despite these challenges, the potential benefits of these projects such as cost savings and security have lead many organisations to initiate these projects.

Interworld Electronics MPC-HD series switched PDUs

16 September, 2010

The MPC-HD series switched PDUs are designed to provide secure, remote power control and reboot capabilities for high current devices such as Sun Blade 6000, Cisco Nexus 7000 data centre switches and HP 7000 blade servers.

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